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#48983 - 02/16/11 09:13 PM NEW DOCUMENTARY ON SATANISM & LAVEY!!!
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"BOYD IS AN ICONOCLAST!"- Anton Szandor LaVey

This new documentary by long time Church of Satan Priest Larry Wessel explores the depths of Satanism along with it's key figures and purveyors at depth unseen before...

ICONOCLAST is a 3-DVD Set Documentary on one of Anton LaVey's closest friends, once a spokesperson for the Church of Satan, and one of the most controversial artists in the world - BOYD RICE.

Featured and interviewed are Blanche Barton, the wife of the late Dr. Anton LaVey, COOP, Rodney Bingenheimer, The Partridge Family Temple, Gidget Gein (of Marilyn Manson), Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio, and many many many more.

Watch a live exorcism performed by Bob Larson! Watch exclusive videos and learn EXCLUSIVE information and new revelations about Anton LaVey from his closest.

This is a must see for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on Satanism, the occult, Anton LaVey & anything and everything underground culture...

This film took 6 YEARS to complete. And the result? The ULTIMATE film on Satanism, Boyd Rice, & Anton LaVey.

Get your copy here -




#48994 - 02/16/11 09:39 PM Re: NEW DOCUMENTARY ON SATANISM & LAVEY!!! [Re: Wolfsangle8888]
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Above member was banned for spamming this same post in 6 other places, plus 3 times in the shout box. He should have just posted it once here.

I left it here so that any conversations as to the movie can take place. Meaning if anyone has actually seen it or what they thought of it.

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#49026 - 02/17/11 11:16 AM Re: NEW DOCUMENTARY ON SATANISM & LAVEY!!! [Re: Morgan]
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Looks interesting, I'll probably buy a copy when it's $20 instead of $30.

I hope the film is better than the n00b web design though! I hate it when I have to scroll to see content. Resolution is particularly important when designs have to be accessible by small (and growing smaller) screens (phones etc) as well as large (and growing larger) displays. [/off topic rant]

Anyway, I'm sure it'll be worthy of a watch.
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