nature does not discriminate, it doesn't reward, it doesn't punish, it just does what it does. also, nature is not a seperate entity, it's an entity which we are a part of, but of course the other parts of this entity have the capability to fight back and counteract us, as we can it. so in that regard nature will fight back against parts of itself, which is what i was previously trying to get across, albeit in a weakly written fashion. for instance we dug too deep in the ocean soil and the environment around us reacted with an oil spill- that to me represents nature fighting back- a simple cause and effect problem. if we as humans start fucking things up severely (which we have for a long time), i feel the environment around us will find a convenient way to rid itself of its pestering species.
i understand that because we are fucking up, things in the environment are changing, but as i view it the environment will overcome. the green people or environmentalists or whatever the fuck they call themselves seem to feel that the nature around us is like a small, retarded cow that we lock in the basement and poke and prod to watch it squirm helplessly in impotence. it is much more than that. it will heal and adapt, and part of its adaptation could involve wiping out a species that is causing trouble.
i will admit though that my use of the word "create" in a sentence dealing directly with evolution was out of place. i didn't mean create as in a new speciess will just be there one day with no explanation, i was using it as a way to say that evolution would simply continue WITHOUT US. evolution doesn't require us, it can occur without people. we would just be another dead-end on the side of an ongoing infinite evolutionary highway.
If you've ever went to a public talking of bioethicists or people of the green movement then you would have known they do not believe man is controlling nature.

christians claim that they aren't controlling the minds of the weak and timid, when clearly that's the game they are in. however, now that i think about it i don't think nature can be controlled in the grand scheme of things. it's impossible to really control nature. what it is is that we are trying more and more to control it, both ends of the argument, the green movement and their opposers like large industries polluting the environment. the industries try to control it for profit purposes, while the green movement does it in the form of "saving the environment," like protecting endangered species and things of that nature. it's all just humans trying to control things, something that seems to be naturally programmed into us- the want to be in control. this causes us to unnecessarily interfere with the nature about us and pretty much cause problems.
it still seems to me that these people could really give less of a fuck about nature, they're just worried about themselves and their own habitat. i feel that they are just worried that in the future they'll have to deal with some discomforting fact about nature, and they just want to gain control over that and stop it from happening, not because they care about the environment, but because they seem to be narrow minded and self centered, and afraid of their environment. of course i am no better, i just don't put on pompous false airs that i care about the environment.
and the movement has become way too fashionable. it's like the cool thing to do now, which also pisses me off for some reason.
we just need not worry. there will always be annoying people like this, as long as there are humans. we just shouldn't worry. at least i think we shouldn't.