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#50051 - 02/27/11 08:34 PM Re: Whatever [Re: OrgasmicKarmatic]
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 Originally Posted By: OrgasmicKarmatic
Going back into 2007 of the600, I've noticed things have gotten much tighter here even in the past 4 years. I'd like to see the same at SIN but only time will tell.

No disrespect to anyone but quite the opposite has happened. 5-6 years ago before Samuaels breakdown this thread would have been locked and deleted. Many threads would have followed suit.

Unless of course I am just remembering things differently.

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#50097 - 02/28/11 09:45 AM Re: King to Rook-1: checkmate [Re: Dan_Dread]
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 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
The original point I made, that fuelled this butthurt drama queen bullshit thread, was that the quality of content in the forums here is much higher than at the forums of SIN, and I think that is self evident.

Yeah, you made that comment on SIN and nobody got butthurt. I replied there and cc'd said reply in the OP here, and quite a few people got butthurt. And that fact only solidifies the futility of your point, while at the same time demonstrating mine.

 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
Though there are some that 'get it' at SIN, the forums there are clogged with mundane bullshit and teenage rabble simply because there is nothing preventing that from happening the way there is here. No standards of quality, no moderation, just a free for all. That is not without it's appeal, but the dynamic is quite different.

There is mundane bullshit on every forum or network out there. One of the hottest topics on 600 a month ago was "favorite porn sites," which is about as mundane and teenage rabblish as possible.

 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
The collective IQ here is simply higher(as the fat is often trimmed), and the content here reflects it. This place has close to two decades of battle hardening, while sin is only 8 months old.

Really? 600 was around in 1991?

As for the collective IQ thing, again, no. If you said "pound for pound," I might agree, but even then, it's actually not as relevant as you make it seem. Too high a proportion of "big dicks" tends to make things overly dry (point also made in the OP)

 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
Even this thread shows the truth of it, at SIN there is no way JK would be handed his ass like this.

Being outnumbered in a game of The Adhominems does not equate to getting one's ass handed to them. At best it shows that the OP was unpopular, and yet the TC managed to make this hottest topic in months. That's not a fail, bro, it's a win.

 Originally Posted By: Dan_Dread
What was the point of this thread again?

Rhetorical questions are always fun to answer, you know, just to piss in the coffee pot. The point of the OP (insofar as being posted on this site) was stated in the last sentence therein: "Have fun, 600." As the fun started getting underway, the point of my continued replies shifted toward two things: addressing any points with an equal measure of respect/disrespect (and if you scroll through, you will see I do this each and every time), and in doing so, give you (all) something to think about with regard to the high horse you want 600 to be.

Like I said, performance art. A collective effort illustrating that even here, in the hallowed halls of 600, drama reigns supreme whenever it rears its head. None of us can escape human nature, and part of that is rubbernecking at the proverbial train wreck. I've seen many micro-examples of this here, but they are usually swept under the rug of "we just don't give a shit about stupidity". Our collective work in creating this epic thread proves otherwise.

You began by saying 600 is better than SIN. My response: no it's not. This thread proves it. And THAT was the point. Now fucking think about it.


 Originally Posted By: 6Satan6Archist6
There you go again, overestimating your own importance. Why would anyone want a "piece" of you?

You should probably ask yourself that question, seeing as how you keep coming back for more chicken wings.

 Originally Posted By: 6Balls6Mouth6

the dichotomy you imply above implicates you as well

Not exactly. I'm not the one who wrote a mediocre book and made a bunch of stupid YouTube videos in an attempt to be a "mover and shaker" or a "big name" in Satanism.

In other words, you have done nothing. I knew this already. Even if my book was mediocre, and my videos stupid, I have still done that much more to manifest Satanism than you ever will. And don't tell me you drive a Bentley, I ain't buyin' it.

 Originally Posted By: 6Balls6Mouth6
You, on the other hand, have gone out of your way to try and make your presence online known. I'm guessing it's probably because your real life is unsatisfactory and pretending to actually be something online makes you feel accomplished. Sucks to be you.

Ahh, the old "I'm on the internet, yet, you being on the internet=fail" argument. Pathetic.



#50099 - 02/28/11 10:48 AM Re: King to Rook-1: checkmate [Re: Jason King]
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I have to say after this post, without regard to your footsy play with 6, that overall I liked the game, and I might just retract my statement about having no further use for your ideas.

You failed in turning 600 into an all out drama laden flame war (you received many well thought out replies), but you did succeed in appealing to the base elements in play (and in pointing them out).

I walk away with food for thought at the end of the day, and offer a hat tip to JK to credit where due.

Bottom line, I won't be posting at SIN and I don't think anyone will prefer one way of communicating over another (forum vs Network) as a direct result of this thread, but it did (end game exposed) have merit to those who might choose to pay attention.

Just my opinion, mind you. I don't speak for 600 or for any greater quantity than myself.
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#50100 - 02/28/11 10:59 AM Re: King to Rook-1: checkmate [Re: Jason King]
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Nearly 10 pages of reiterated bullshit. The only one inciting the drama here is you, JK. Simply because others are responding to it in kind, does in no way make your 'case' that SIN > 600C.

Thread locked.
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