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#4952 - 03/07/08 01:27 PM The Breakfast Of Champions
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Or the condensed version for those with short attention spans...

Over the course of the last couple of days I have been bombarded with negativity from all angles. Each of these sources have their own rational for there negative output but in the end what they need is to release it.

For those who need the psychodrama satanic ritual can be a wonderful way to let these bottled up emotions go. This is necessary because in the end negativity is truly cancerous.

Letís face it, as much as many of us enjoy our dark aesthetic the best times are when we are living with love, expanding our minds, and being happy.

Just within this relatively small group of individuals there is so much potential and wonder, the whole world is much the same. We should not forget that. I know that it brings me back here to this site over and over as it has for years. (Thanks Xear)

There are demons around every corner but they only take the energy we allow them.



#15501 - 12/04/08 08:45 PM Re: The Breakfast Of Champions [Re: delusion]
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I was in the middle of reading "The Last Lecture" When I came across coincedently your post. I was watching it and realized omg this is his actual lecture from the book.

It was really cool to see the actual man and his lecture, thanks for posting.

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