I have never been faced with such a dilemma having been the negativist most of, if not all of my life, rejecting the collaborative suggestions of others as nothing but unwanted interference. I am always independent in a way that is seen as unhealthy by many, yet this way I live is a minimalist life which I require most deliberately. Although I have excellent social skills, this formality is but an efficient 'human bug spray' in positive and negative assertion. Regarding the feminine creature, I am willing to risk getting into any kind trouble without a care in the world because all rationale goes out the window.

However, I am the misanthrope as psychological state, and the philosophical misanthropist who does not reply on another soul for anything but to be insufficient/ detrimental or to bring unwanted attention to my own person. being suspicious of all mundanes at all times and to watch for their attempts to associate themselves with me due to their parasitism tendencies.

I immediately saw the Prisoner's Dilemma from an outsider perspective and just thought 'why would you be in prison for collaborating with another person in the first place unless you was gullible to trust a human other than yourself'. After all, others are not to be trusted to do anything correctly in societal perimeters let alone to balance your freedom in another's incompetent hands when doing something that may be illegal. (which I don't because I'm smart)

I was wondering if anyone on here has some interesting Prisoner's Dilemma and more complex and devious solutions that are not merely total selfishness and disassociation like my solution which happens to be collateral.