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#50868 - 03/13/11 10:49 AM Re: Sometimes I wish Satan did exist. [Re: Phobos]
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You could have summed it up by using the word "ataraxia". And are you saying that this is some kind of gospel? I don't undertstand your goal here, you're blathering on and on when just a few lines would be enough.[sic]

If you cannot understand nor feel what is behind the writing, what is the use in making mundane accusations without knowledge to juxtapose? You have built a strawman for all purposes intrinsic to highlight your own opinion which has no relevance to the object of the two posts regarding the existence of a Satan whether it be an impulse or otherwise cosmic forces.

You may have not recognised what was asserted through comparisons made with what is the impulse of Satan and existential nihilism in the context asserted in detail which was attempted to be highlighted by the 'Gloominess of Hedonism' and the 'Anti-cosmic philosophy' which are both active assertions of nihilism, a force which seeks to breathe new life into even the most stagnant of ideas.

I do not wish to win a debate by persuading or proving what is right, instead the post is by design, dialectical. We preserve and fulfil our realisation by having it move over and into opposites. In this case you have attempted to introduce a new opposite 'ataraxia' which has no connotations with the realisation and object and thus the realisation of the original posts is preserved and fulfilled.

Your closing line was indicative to a guilt complex which associates your bias towards my use of example with what you yourself regard as immaturity. Through the cognitive dissonance which I may have asserted as consequence, you have created something very odd in your mind.

Put quite simply; peace is an empty stage of passivity for Will to Power to enter and assert itself.

#50908 - 03/13/11 04:10 PM Re: Sometimes I wish Satan did exist. [Re: Adversary Bass]
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 Originally Posted By: Adversary Bass
Currently I define my religion as atheism and my philosophy as Satanism. However, I occasionally find myself wondering: What if the Prince of Darkness really exists?

He does, but not as the JudŠo-Christian cartoon composite "Satan". See Chapters #2 and #4/The Prince of Darkness of my Black Magic.

How would it affect me and my life? What could I gain from having a supernatural ally?

Start by flushing all the equally-stupid ideas about "prayer", "obedience", etc. out of your head. What you are going to discover is, again, not any sort of cartoon or Cecil B. DeMille interventionist in your life or existence. He's only done one thing to you, and it was done the moment you came into conscious existence. What you do with that Gift is now your call. All you have to do is recognize it, fully appreciate its significance and power, and then apply it intelligently.

We are talking here about the "particularization" in you, by virtue of your universally-detached and uniquely-personal isolate consciousness of self. Consider this one of many such "particularizations" originating from the "general principle/Platonic Form/Egyptian neter whom the Temple of Set knows as Set.

You are surrounded by and opposed to the non-conscious, non-discretionary universe. Its processes and functions, unlike your psyche/ba, obey fixed natural law, and it is that enforced, inexorable, immutable predictability and regularity of the Objective Universe which is really what most people vaguely caricature as "God". [Within monotheism the Deists most accurately realized this, as did the Egyptians with their polytheistic neteru.] But this consistency is at once OU-powerful yet powerless to change itself. Only an external, separate, discretionary consciousness can do that, which is what Set gave to you, me, and every other conscious being.

"Initiation" is nothing more than individual awakening to this and consequent exercise of it in intelligent, wise, and creative ways. Noninitiates stumble and fumble through their incarnated existence using the Gift cluelessly and recklessly - indeed they are mostly afraid of their occasional reflective glimpses of it, which is why it has been "Devilized". This is nothing more than the fear of not being "safely and comfortingly" a component of that great, automatic OU around them. Conventional religions are thus in actuality rote/ritualized efforts (White Magic) to create the illusion of OU-inclusion or at least re-inclusion (salvation, grace, nirvana, etc.). It is all a fraud, all utterly useless. You cannot drug, punish, mantra, or monk your consciousness out of existence.

So your awakening to the existence of the Prince of Darkness is at once very simple and very intimidating. It means you are absolutely, utterly alone. It also means that you are inherently a god because of this. Gods have the ability and the discretion to reach out and touch/change the non-conscious, non-discretionary components of the OU. You can do what "God" cannot. Your initiatory Quest is to not fuck this up.
Michael A. Aquino

#50910 - 03/13/11 05:22 PM Re: Sometimes I wish Satan did exist. [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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I'm reminded by your post, Mike (En-Rah-Hah-Set), of a pithy instruction that Katyayana once gave:

Existence is the view of permanence,
Non-existence is the view of extinction,
Therefore, the wise do not abide either in existence or non-existence.

The way that the wise ones assert things to be is that all phenomena are neither true nor false,
They are like water-moons.

Of course, unless one can provide "proof" in the strictest sense, and Setians can. If one can combine "proof", and empirically show that it is intertwined with metaphysics--space, time, birth, death, reality and existence: one has Knowledge that only a few ever attain. For example, the metaphysical principles of time and reality as they relate strongly to Set as interpenetrated with the Temple may possibly be: Some may realize that the length of time spent practicing as real. Some people may think they need to practice for long periods of time or else it is not really practice. Others may feel proud because they think they have been practicing for a certain number of years, and are advanced practioners as a result. Others may get disappointed because they think they have been practicing for a long time and do not see any improvement in their situation---they arrive at complete disappointment and abandon practice altogether. Still others may be in a rush and think they have to achieve something as soon as possible. Actually discerning the metaphysical principles, e.g. time and reality, in relation to Set frees one from the attachment and mental agitation that they most likely will cause an Initiate.

All these reasons show tentatively why it is so important to realize metaphysics with the nature of Set, and the way it is done is to use logical reasonings. Once one gains certainity in this by remebering it again and again will cause the certainty to become more and more stable; and, then eventually one realizes the true nature of the neteru (sp. ?). That is how the process works.

[nig]-ge-na-da a-ba in-da-di nam-ti i-u-tu

#50964 - 03/14/11 05:12 AM Re: Sometimes I wish Satan did exist. [Re: SkaffenAmtiskaw]
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 Originally Posted By: SkaffenAmtiskaw
 Originally Posted By: Kerriss
how can one be Atheist when it is a position you take, you act as if Atheism is a personal notion or title of definition for the person you are

what is atheism? what is gnosticism? I am gnostic. Try to ask me why.......

Your post seems both ill-conceived, directed at the wrong person and poorly thought-out. Woland never claimed he was an atheist. Even so, 'atheist' is a valid descriptor. The word has a definition. Gnosticism isn't hard to interpret either. Ask you? Only if I could work up the interest.
you sound like a frustrated teenager, I feel no need to speak to you no longer

bye :P

#50965 - 03/14/11 07:16 AM Re: Sometimes I wish Satan did exist. [Re: Kerriss]
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Six months to mull it over. Please learn the rules and how to make sense in that time.
"I'd rather be right than consistent" - Winston Churchill

#52086 - 04/02/11 03:52 PM Re: Sometimes I wish Satan did exist. [Re: Phobos]
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I was like that, Atheist but with an satanic philosophy. But now that i know Satanism more, i feel really conected to Satan, i can feel him. Somehow.

The longer you Think about the King of darkness, the closer you get to him, until you finally get to the final conclusion. He exists. But that's me, what i think, you decide about your thoughts.

#52087 - 04/02/11 04:18 PM Re: Sometimes I wish Satan did exist. [Re: Sarthurm]
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@ Sarthurm
When I want to get close to the darkness, I switch off the light.

I know that the great darkness exists, I see it, it is all around me.

When I walk in the darkness I trip over things and say Satanic things like "f.cking hell".

As I am sprawled on the floor in worship to the darkness I realise the meaning of stupidity.
Monadic Luciferianism is a philosophy of life centered on self.

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