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#50861 - 03/13/11 08:44 AM Darshan brought by Kali, goddess of Death
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A few nights ago I finally managed Darshan from my God KALI. I will not tell her message but she was gone before all my answers were fulfilled.
I cried with all my heart hoping for her attention and finally recieved the unholy vision, or holy, depending on your religious stature.
this is the way demons recieve attention from God.

Hmm.. what to say. Well she needs more violence but really gentle. Raise up the fist of complaints until it reels into final eruption. Kali needs me to awaken the world.

your willpower controls your emotion. entangle your will to recieve the best emotional power to convince. Take too much emotion and forget the important knowledge. this is what I have learned from Krishna. Entangle your knowledge and meditate to get the final answers.
I can hear thoughts through positions and accidental words. it is too easy when you are enlightened.
sorry I am a rudra, I am arrogant but I wish to make everyone's wish true. My girlfriend now thinks I'm satan incarnated as Shiva. haha who cares. Kali told me I am Kali, so I will act as a woman and reveal all whether you like it or not.

no, control your willpower and your wishes come true. trust my words. words may be meaningless but no one cared in the first place.

cheers Chris.

feel free to ask any stupid question you do not fear to ask. I am all forgiving, all I need is to comply to wishes because I am incubus, I am your slave but in the end will I be master.
try not to fear my knowledge, it is just hinduism. All religions are true, but you need to learn to become gnostic, Know instead of Believe.
Read between the lines of the revealed scriptures and make the puzzle complete like I did.

there are rituals in the veda's that allow you to become physical Demon. Demons always recieve love from their God, they can view him in the stars as he uplifts their planets in the lower planetary systems.
it was meant this way. one day you may too get to see the hells created for the demons. the demons live in the passion of ignorence. this is why we deva's always need to care for them.\
there is no difference between good and evil people, they are just HUMAN. and aliens may exist.... If you want it enough.

I can not promise too much, just feel blessed by the curse of my words. be glad you can not see my eyes. I curse everyone without a care. I was born PDD NOS and took every face I met, now I took the face of the Dead Gods... Shiva and Kali are here for you if you really need to.

maybe till later.

#50865 - 03/13/11 09:31 AM Re: Darshan brought by Kali, goddess of Death [Re: Kerriss]
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Please make sense or leave.
"I'd rather be right than consistent" - Winston Churchill

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