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#61013 - 11/03/11 04:51 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Alex Crowley]
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 Originally Posted By: Alex Crowley
 Originally Posted By: Jake999
[quote=MikeAndsaddie]Suicide is a cowardly act that is praticed by individuals who are worthless in character in my opinion, but by all means, help yourself

Cowardly? Have you ever tried to kill yourself? Clearly not. It takes a lot of guts to go through with it.

This is a quite normal case of argument but I am wondering if you ever tried to kill yourself so you know how much guts it takes?

What I am getting at is that it is different for everyone. Most people dont want to die but do want help. Even though one feels suicidal they dont really want to die. To take ones life is then very hard indeed.

Then there are those that are ready to do it for real. And yes there are people for whom its not such a hard act since they percieve it as the best alternative because anything else isnt worth it.

#61014 - 11/03/11 04:57 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Tesseract]
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 Originally Posted By: Tesseract
This topic brings to mind a very good episode of PBS’s “Frontline” -- “The Suicide Tourist”

I haven't seen that program, but the final chapter in Taras Grescoe's book The Devil's Picnic is devoted to assisted suicide and "suicide tourism" in Switzerland.

It doesn't fit all that neatly into a book devoted to food taboos. But Grescoe justifies it on the ground that the patient's last drink is a lethal cocktail of orange juice and pentobarbital. And suicide is certainly taboo.
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#61038 - 11/04/11 12:20 AM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Project Atlas]
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I found A. Alvarez' The Savage God an interesting read when it first appeared in 1972, and apparently it's still getting positive reader-reviews today.
Michael A. Aquino

#64185 - 01/29/12 02:49 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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I find it strange that a Satanist would consider or commit suicide unless they had a mental illness or terminal illness--something of that sort.

When I was in middle school, I thought about suicide a lot, but felt too chicken to actually attempt it. In general, I was a very weak person, not very independent--felt trapped without realizing I could break free whenever I wanted to. When I got older, I thought--well--suicide should only come after I've actually put in the effort to live life. If I were to do something so final, I should first pack up what few things I truly need and go hitchhike, travel, whatever--basically get away from family and live life on my own terms before I decide to end it. But even then, I was still weak and was almost unable to think for myself.

Of course that was a good 16-18 years before I stumbled across Satanism. I still have occasional issues with depression but it's nothing like it was before, even better than when I was on celexa/lexapro/effexor, I suppose because I feel I have more control.

To me, unless there was a serious issue relating, it seems like a Satanist considering suicide is a bit of a contradiction--it's like giving up, not being strong enough to remedy the situation (again, assuming it is not an actual illness of some sort).

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#64188 - 01/29/12 04:52 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Cassandra]
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Calling people cowardly for committing suicide is kind of like calling a paraplegic weak because they can't compete in a wrestling tournament. People who are prone to suicide are more delusional than weak, I think. Weakness is losing interest in accomplishing the goals you have set for yourself. Depression is more like losing your sense of control in a situation. Many of these people are full of genuine passion but don't know where to apply it.

Anyway, I don't really have sympathy for people who kill themselves because I see death as a positive thing. Life is suffering and death is relief. And I don't understand why suicidal people don't just go ahead and take a risk before offing themselves. I mean- if you aren't afraid of death, you might as well go gamble away the money you've got in the bank or rob a bank or something.

#64898 - 02/25/12 08:16 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Damis]
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so...suicide is wrong or not because after I read all this I don't understand anything ;p <?>

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#64900 - 02/25/12 08:39 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: elion60]
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I can sell you the ultimate truth on that topic for just 250 bucks - it grants you instant knowledge about the question if suicide is good or bad. No own opinion or thinking required! Instant gratification. No money back.


@ topic: Forgive me if my opinion has been mentioned before as I didn't browse throught all the pages. I see suicide as a "final solution" when your own life constantly fails without any better times in sight. In my opinion this also applies for Satanists, but on the other hand Satanism normally embraces the own existence, so I doubt that there are that much Satanists out there matching the criteria of a totally hopeless life.

But if one chooses to end his life, I normally don't care (unless it's someone I hold dear) - this also includes the person's religion or reason.
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#64937 - 02/27/12 02:26 AM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: elion60]
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 Originally Posted By: elion60
so...suicide is wrong or not because after I read all this I don't understand anything ;p <?>

Anyone with a bit of common sense would realize, whether they had read this entire thread or none of it at all, that suicide is neither "right" nor "wrong". Each person can only decide for themselves if it is their best course of action if/when it comes down to it.
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#64971 - 02/27/12 11:06 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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If someone is intent on killing themselves I am indifferent for a few reasons:

A) It's THEIR life to take;

B) The end of their existence eliminates a potential rival on the course of MY evolution....THANKS!

and C) If they value their own existence so little, why should anyone else give a fuck about it?

#65005 - 02/28/12 09:27 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Lokian88]
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Suicide is a weak cop out! If someone honestly knows no end to their misery, I would recommend they stop and turn around to mistakes they have made in their life that led to their rock bottom state. Sure there are plenty of people that hit rock bottom because they were thrown on the ground unjustly and they honestly did not deserve bad luck - but one must make their mind and will strong against their adversaries by strengthening their weaknesses so they don't leave themselves open to harm. This practice of examining oneself in order to perfect ones self is vital to excelling in survival of the fittest. Suicide does not solve anything for anybody. To anybody who wants to send a signal or message using suicide to turn necks - if someone wants to listen to you despite you being a coward and not facing your problems, then I would not pay that person any fucking attention. If someone threatens to kill themselves, scold their asses, don't be all sympathetic and sensitive. That can have a serious adverse effect.
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#65064 - 03/01/12 02:19 AM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: LeftHandonFeet]
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"Suicide does not solve anything for anybody"

It solves all the problems for the person who CHOOSES to do it.

People do it for different reasons, medical issues, social issues, money issues, pain issues, and fuck it all issues.

It's a personal choice. I don't see it as a cop out. I think it takes a fair amount of balls to put a gun in mouth and eat it, knowing that is the last decision you ever have to make.

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#65070 - 03/01/12 07:58 AM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: LeftHandonFeet]
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Sometimes suicide might not be the smartest alternative. However there are situations where it is a valid choice because any other solution that a person comes up with would still have them end up miserable.

In the past during certain situations it was considered the only honorable thing to do, while in modern society, which is greatly influenced by the white light religions of the world it is looked up on as a sin, and since many people have been influenced by religious thought, even if they proclaim that they are not religious tend to think under some of that influence.

There is nothing wrong with proposing different solutions to people who are seriously considering taking their lives. However, to judge a person negatively because they have truly reached the end of their rope and find that no other solution would give them the opportunity to live a healthy and or satisfactory life might not be fair.

For instance if someone does not want to live in agonizing physical pain and there is no medical solution to their ailment, then how can a healthy individual make a fair judgment call for them?

Or if a person is to be incarcerated for a large portion of their productive life and can find no other way of escape and does not want to live behind a cage as a prisoner, how can a free person who does not face such a sentence fairly judge that persons decision to escape the only way that they know how to?

When a social and active person becomes so old that everyone that they cared for around them has died, or they find that no one wants to be in their company and they no longer have the physical ability or the emotional will to seek out new acquaintances and find that they have used up all that life had to offer to them and all that they have left is to sit in some nursing home to be cared for by strangers, how can a younger person who is still surrounded by friends and family able to make a judgment on this old person forcing them to live in their misery if they do not wish to do so?

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#65073 - 03/01/12 09:46 AM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Asmedious]
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As one who spent a significant portion of his productive years, as you have called them, incarcerated,( 20 continuous years actually ) I can, speaking only for myself, of course, say I never contemplated suicide, and held in high contempt those I witnessed "checking out" (as we called it there).

The irony was that it was not, generally, the lifer's who were checking out, those you might be drawn to believe had the most cause for misery on levels that might compell them to end their own lives, but more often than not short timers who simply did not possess the mental strength to accept their present circumstances as an opportunity to evolve (for instance, it gave me an opportunity to study on a level that can only be described as monastic) and return to their freedom one day more capable than they were before they went in.

The lifer's typically are quite resolved, often gleeful in their sub-culture status that enables them to not have to give a fuck about anything anymore. Cross them, they stab you, understanding there is no consequence left for them really, I mean, what'll they do, lock them up? If they are strong and cunning, they can enjoy an existence filled with many of the same comforts we enjoy outside the walls, again with no concern for whether or not it might be against the rules, for real consequence was no longer part of their paradigm.

At the end of the day, and obviously my opinion is colored by my own experiences, I reject incarceration as a valid excuse to end ones own life ( while simultaneously conceding the individuals right to do so...see above summary ) for no matter where we are, there are always opportunities for evolution and enjoyment, and even if you are that guy (or gal) with no hope of parole, whose spouse has sent the Dear John letter, etc, etc, there ARE still the fences.

Weakness, not circumstance, dictates who takes their own life or not in THAT paradigm, on that I can speak with some authority.

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#65095 - 03/01/12 07:31 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Project Atlas]
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I personally would only kill myself if it served a greater purpose, like suicide-bombing a terrible tyrant or something. Other than that, I don't see the use of suicide. I've been suicidal in the past, going so far as to plan it out a couple of times, but I got past it and now I want to live!

#65108 - 03/01/12 08:39 PM Re: Satanism and Suicide [Re: Ashley Corinne]
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I hope fervently that I do not spend my final years in a state that makes me yearn for death but unable to die due to legal restrictions.

Of course, being of sufficiently sound mind is a prerequisite for taking control over one's own life and demise, as is the ability to be physically capable.

So . . . if mind and body are working, why die? Well, if I feel it's not worth struggling on for a few weeks in a terminal condition, then I'll check out. My body, my business. What anyone else does is theirs.
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