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#51917 - 03/29/11 09:21 PM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: Michael A.Aquino]

Yes Dr. I was thinking the same thing when I read Jake's post about O'Toole. O'Toole in Caligula.

I am assuming you are talking about the uncut X rated version when you mention Caligula. I bought a copy of the movie in a DVD store of ill - repute years ago.

O'Toole played a great Tiberius - wonderfully sick, both physically and mentally.

I still remember that strange orgy scene when Tiberius screams at the participants: "more conviction!" and then the strange advice he gives Caligula about his role as a swineherd.

I liked Helen Mirren and Malcolm McDowell as well in this film. I love the lascivious Caesonia, the immoral Drusilla, and the mad and vicious Caligula.

#55187 - 05/29/11 05:54 PM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: ]
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One of the most impressive Satanists in the history of film is Boris Balkan (The Ninth Gate):

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#55208 - 05/30/11 11:01 AM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: Waanzin]
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I'm sorry I missed this discussion. It was extremely interesting.

I would add two characters to those already mentioned--both from films written by Paddy Chayefsky, whose work seems to have taken a Satanic turn toward the end of his life.

The first is Arthur Jensen from Network (1976), played by Ned Beatty. This is a movie full of memorable supporting characters--Beatrice Straight won a best Supporting Actress Oscar, despite spending less than six minutes onscreen. But of them all, I think Arthur Jensen makes the biggest impression, as the mastermind behind the corporate empire which includes UBS. Jensen's famous speech to Howard Beale--"There is no America. There is no 'democracy'. There is only IBM, and ITT, and AT&T."--is essentially a one-two punch of Greater and Lesser Magic. The boardroom even looks like a ritual chamber.

The second is Edward Jessup from Altered States (1980), played by William Hurt. Jessup is a Faustian figure--a modern magician who is determined to learn the Things Man Was Not Meant to Know, cost what it may. When I re-watched this movie not too long ago, I was struck by the parallels between Jessup's experiments and the ritual chamber, once again. I've even used selections from this movie's soundtrack (by contemporary composer John Corigliano) as ritual music, with great success.

 Originally Posted By: Michael A.Aquino
(9) TDR began as a novel, icky-poo Wiccan from start to finish.


I wish I'd read this a couple of weeks ago. I actually found a copy of the novel in a used book store, while browsing the horror section. I haven't read it yet, but it sounds like I could have saved my money.

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#57789 - 07/29/11 10:47 PM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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I'll check it out tomorrow. it's in my instant-que for netflix
#57850 - 07/31/11 01:56 AM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: Waanzin]
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This is more "evil" than "Satanic" per se, but the other day I was thinking about how miscast all of the live Jokers have been in the various Batman movies - from Jack Nicholson (who just played Jack Nicholson) to Heath Ledger (who just played a mess). I grew up as a kid in the 1950s reading the classic DC Batman comics, and the Joker was an extremely cold-blooded and scary character, originally inspired visually by Conrad Veidt in The Man Who Laughs.

I think the best recent Joker remains the one in Batman: The Animated Series (voiced by Luke Skywalker, of all people!).

For a live-action actor, I suppose Christopher Walken as in Sleepy Hollow, but somehow the actor who I would really have liked to see in the role was Jay Robinson, who back in the 1950s set the bar for oily malice. [Here he is in this clip in his later, retired years - quite a change from Caligula!]
Michael A. Aquino

#57852 - 07/31/11 03:06 AM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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For those who have never been there, the motel scene from The Devil's Rejects is a real as it gets. You will have to get the actual movie to see the whole thing but this gives you the idea:

Keeping in mind, of course, that these are just actors. The genuine article is a bit more than most people can handle.
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#57862 - 07/31/11 09:57 AM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: Fist]
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Bill Murray in Where the Buffalo Roam. His portrayal of Hunter S. Thompson was, in my opinion, my better than Johnny Depp's. Dr. Thompson and the "Gonzo" aesthetic has always hit me as a bit Satanic. At least inasmuch as it embraces chaos and a measured quantity of misanthropy.

Dustin Hoffman in the film Little Big Man also strikes me as a bit Satanic, but in a very Peter Gilmore-esque way. (Can I say that?) His character is an obvious coward, but I enjoy how he moves very fluidly from lifestyle to lifestyle when unexpectedly thrown in and out of sticky situations that life so randomly throws at him.
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#57899 - 08/01/11 11:05 PM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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 Originally Posted By: Michael A.Aquino
 Originally Posted By: Waanzin
Are there other movies with Satanic characters in it?

Try Edward James Olmos as El Pachuco in Zoot Suit, along with his three daemonic damsel colleagues. [All four appear in this opening sequence, and magically thereafter throughout the film.] If you thought EJO was electric in Miami Vice, wait 'til you see him here ...

I wound up watching Zoot Suit after I read about it in this thread, and I'm glad I did. It was a terrific movie, with an outstanding performance by Olmos as Pachuco.

I would like to nominate another not-so-obvious Satanic character from a movie musical: Billy Flynn in Chicago.

The moral universe is this movie is pretty clearly founded on the principle that might (broadly defined) is right. The one "good" character in the film, Amos, is a self-deluding chump. Yet interestingly, the people who survive and prosper in this ruthless and pitiless world are not completely without a moral code. Mama Morton, for example, is clearly looking out for number one, and uses her position of power to exploit the female prisoners. Yet she does not simply steal from them: as she sings in her big number "When You're Good to Mama," she does keep her side of the unequal bargains she makes.

Billy Flynn, like Mama Morton, is corrupt and dishonest: he sings that "All I Care About is Love," when clearly, all he cares about is wealth and celebrity. And in his song "Razzle Dazzle," he makes it equally clear that cleverness and persuasiveness are much more important in the courtroom than truth and facts. Yet, when he takes Roxie's case, he does do his considerable best for his client. He is a master of Lesser Magic: when he sings "They Both Reached for the Gun," he becomes a literal puppet master. And in the end, his lack of illusions about people and their behaviour allows him to win both cases at once: he exploits Velma's willingness to betray and sacrifice Roxie in order to get both of them acquitted. A formidable magician, and a truly diabolical figure, in my opinion.

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#59144 - 09/16/11 04:32 PM Re: Satanic movie characters [Re: Waanzin]
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 Originally Posted By: Waanzin
...‘Millenium: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ‘ of the characters, Liesbet Salander, has a rather obvious satanic view on life. I am not referring to her gothic looks, but to her behavior. She fights back when they try to beat her up, she takes vengeance after she is raped and she fulfills her carnal needs...

She sounds great! I want to see it!

When I think of Satanic characters, I tend of think of great strategists who leverage people's character faults to take power away from them and gain power for the strategist.

This brings to mind Marlene Dietrich in the Blue Angel (1930). She played the strategically "Naughty Lola, the wisest girl on Earth". Lola ensnares a professor who'd been persecuting fans of sensual entertainment.

I've enjoyed the many clips linked in this thread. I think no one has mentioned Chad, the character Aaron Eckhart plays in Neil LaBute's In The Company of Men (1997). Chad's advanced ability to entrap male co-workers via herd instinct and misogyny seems practically Satanic.

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