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#51668 - 03/23/11 09:54 PM ((Abnormal gait)) from ((Blepharospasm))
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The color: silver

I stimulate my self to enter and sit in the middle…between the cold silent lights, I scratch with a sharp tip for deep penetration and press on the ear to emit the sound…
that I want to shadow with that sharp tip…injurious for the bluish eyelid…the destroyer… habituation and pleasure of stimulating the self to sit in the middle between cold silent lights, the skin is twitching among their folds and erasing the
silence with the noise of its harmful bloody itch, to the boards that televise me duplicated…then cut my face to four…gather then spread, gather then spread…until the place becomes thick and abstracted from the tailed lights on my numb limbs. The shivering brings a lot of colors mixing inside them, all of my curly and vivid faces from the concentrated distraction on a white blankness which ties me with itself by a thick line. I open my mouth wide inside it because of the intensity of numbness from sulphuric smells…I plan to blotch them on my duplicate shape, for melting it with a pleasant sound.

#51669 - 03/23/11 10:15 PM Re: ((Abnormal gait)) from ((Blepharospasm)) [Re: Catalyst]
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A first post.
A poem.
An Advert for his Kindle book.

The trifecta.

Anybody else want to tell him? I'm kinda choked up here.
Bury your dead, pick up your weapon and soldier on.

#51670 - 03/23/11 10:31 PM Re: ((Abnormal gait)) from ((Blepharospasm)) [Re: Jake999]
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I just yawned. I can barely be bothered to lift a finger to type these days when more of this sort of drivel arrives.

BUT . . . Catalyst:

Post something civil and coherent or fuck off, please. \:\)
"Here's to Artifice!" - Anton Szandor LaVey.

#51674 - 03/23/11 11:35 PM Re: ((Abnormal gait)) from ((Blepharospasm)) [Re: Catalyst]
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A funny walk caused by a twitchy eye? You might want to see your primary care physician about that. While there perhaps ask him or her to take a look at those odd growths on each side of your head…

I’ve never been much of a fan of poetry, but two Charleses -- Baudelaire and Bukowski -- have always been fine with me.

#51701 - 03/24/11 03:57 PM Re: ((Abnormal gait)) from ((Blepharospasm)) [Re: felixgarnet]
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you have yawned because of your uncooked mind, fuck yourself.
"I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong."

#51703 - 03/24/11 04:03 PM Re: ((Abnormal gait)) from ((Blepharospasm)) [Re: Catalyst]
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Did they ever mention your resemblance to Mickey Mouse?

Great avatar, made me chuckle. That doesn't happen often.


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