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#52944 - 04/14/11 01:48 PM Best Satanic iPhone Apps
demonchild77 Offline

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I am looking for feedback about which satanic apps are recognized as being legit for example ghost seance for iphone, has anyone conjured a demon or used such apps during satanic rituals?
#52946 - 04/14/11 01:51 PM Re: Best Satanic iPhone Apps [Re: demonchild77]
Diavolo Offline

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Are you really asking a question about iPhone sorcery?

Times sure are changing.


#52961 - 04/14/11 07:44 PM Re: Best Satanic iPhone Apps [Re: Diavolo]
Morgan Offline

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Blame it on Harry Potter.
If they see it in the movies or on tv, it has to be real.
More death of fucking common sense.

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Fuck em if they can't take a joke
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#52962 - 04/14/11 08:10 PM Re: Best Satanic iPhone Apps [Re: Diavolo]
GregNotCraig Offline

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 Originally Posted By: Diavolo
Are you really asking a question about iPhone sorcery?

Times sure are changing.


Surely, with all those sensors built in to our smartphones - motion, gps, magnetic... one of them HAS to be able to open a portal to another dimension?
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#52966 - 04/14/11 09:23 PM Re: Best Satanic iPhone Apps [Re: GregNotCraig]
ta2zz Offline
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This is great I now think this is the number one humor site on the Internet. I haven't laughed so hard as these last few days reading this shit. Maybe I'm just ill…

Look Steve Jobs is the antichrist ok?

Eat from the tree of knowledge and be more like God!

Why else is Apple computers logo well an apple with a bite missing? You think he is the evil sorceress from sleeping fucking beauty? Will a kiss from a prince wake you?

Knowing this then every app is pure EVIL. Ghost séance is a very powerful app and will definitely lead you to seeing and hearing things the more you use it. Make sure to follow proper protocol for a séance such as burning candles and a darkened quiet room. Just remember when playing with spirits and/or demons it is best to put them away when you are through playing with them. They do a number on your battery.


PS Demons use wifi and bluetooth. Both simultaneously hence the accelerated battery use.
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#52979 - 04/15/11 08:43 AM Re: Best Satanic iPhone Apps [Re: demonchild77]
Hegesias Offline
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I don't have a mobile phone, I Pod whatever, I've never had one, but I would think the most practical app would be a sat nav. app. for a means to track down Satanic ritual sacrifice. You can go to a bar at night, gather some phone numbers, call around and find out where they live, or trace ip addresses over the internet etc. (use your sat nav. to find 'em).

This would save a hell of a lot of time and petrol because instead of aimlessly driving around at night looking for an opportunity, you have the chance to ironically chat to the human sacrifice and arrange to meet them in a secluded area all thanks to your Ipod sat nav. app.

You can also use the i pod to take souvenir pictures.

I'm only kidding you can use a phone-book and a pay-phone, fancy gadgets ruin everything these days.

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