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#55428 - 06/03/11 06:59 AM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Goliath]
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I think Spinoza's view upon bondage is correct. While an animal is entirely moved by itself, humans do differ. Up until the moment we awake, we are driven by forces outside of ourselves, even when we think they originate from inside ourselves. We are raised, educated and trained to think and act as “them” and nothing will be entirely ours until we learn to not only make our own choices but also why we make those choices.

Liberation from bondage implies that everything one believes, disbelieves, favors or rejects should be treated with suspicion until one understand the very motivation driving these choices. And the praxis to gain these insights brings us to Vamamarga. In essence every choice is solely a matter of two options; yes or no. To be able to make a choice, driven solely by the Self, one needs to detach oneself. This implies that each choice which is still driven by an emotional desire or aversion is something one has to overcome. In learning what both options entail and that the choice between them is solely a matter of necessity, one enables oneself to truly choose.


#55460 - 06/03/11 10:28 PM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Goliath]
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Let your oponent graze your skin and you smash into his flesh; let him smash into your flesh and you fracture his bones; let him fracture your bones and you take his life! Do not be concerned with your escaping safely, lay your life before him!"— Tao of Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee


Self-preservation takes no effort whatsoever if one is expressing the will to power in full swing. Why? Because how can one exude might if he is weak and ill preserved in mind, I don't feel the words "self preservation" speak of any power but of meekness. As if one would rather back down than fight as if to immediately think "preserve myself" removing oneself from the events, being disengaged even for a moment and therefore off sync and out of focus. Don't think, feel.

The will to power exudes virility and strength, self preservation is an effect of this expression as without the will to power man would not last long. Thinking about self preservation is only a fixation in the mind, holding on to what he has, self preservation is a fixation of fear.

What say others.

#55477 - 06/04/11 08:57 PM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: mabon2010]
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I've often heard it said that the knowledge of there being no overreaching or commonly defined purpose to life is either terrifying or liberating. I ascribe to the latter.

Once I concluded that there was no external purpose to life, I found myself in a giant sandbox so to speak. Where I choose my own purpose/s and my own destinations. And it's this sense of autonomy that I find liberating.

In this sandbox I can follow a path not just of my choosing, but of my making. For me the concept of personal godhood is realized in the very practice of making my own decisions towards my own purpose with my individual will. Knowledge, experience and decisions are all tools to be employed on the journey.

Like the others have said, the key is in the journey and that's why I think godhood and individual autonomy are things that are lived. Which is what Satanism is about, power over yourself and your life as it's happening.

Although given like Diavolo said, we are inevitably faced with choices that are created by circumstances outside of our direct control. But this just serves to emphasize the value of our autonomy of thought when making those choices. That is to say, we may be constrained in the choices themselves, but not in our methods of making that decision.

When limited in the range of choices, the test is then making the ones which lead you to your goal. Can you choose from a limited range and yet still get where you want?
Leben ist krieg.

#57623 - 07/27/11 02:15 AM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Damis]
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We must be the seed that we plant in our Minds, its the Acorn that must become a Oak Tree! I love that metaphor...

I am new to this whole LPH, But the more I study about it. The More I truly believe in it. Its the power of will...

When I was younger, I always put other people before me, Thinking its going make me a better Person, But F*** that now. All I care about is improving myself to become the Best I can Be!

I am on the search for knowledge, to make my Oak Tree roots grow stronger onto a foundation I can be proud of!!

i love this line...

" One cannot fear Death, only the thought of not experiencing more Life "

#58798 - 09/03/11 06:00 AM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Goliath]
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I always wanted to be a successful businessman but y parents want me to become a teacher. I still don't know what to do and how to do. I think they are also saying right.. Teaching is not bad at all.. Isn't it?
#58807 - 09/03/11 01:28 PM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: ItsEnoughNow]
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Dude, your profile says you are 24 years old, but you write like a kid. You need skills to be a successful businessman. You need school and college to be a teacher. Look to your strengths and weaknesses. Decide what the helpp you want to do with you life and then go and fucking do it. If you still have no clue, join the military. That will make you grow up and help you to figure out what the fuck you want.

Courage Conquering Fear
Fuck em if they can't take a joke
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#58813 - 09/03/11 04:35 PM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: ItsEnoughNow]
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 Originally Posted By: ItsEnoughNow
I always wanted to be a successful businessman but y parents want me to become a teacher.

I have different story. My parents wanted, that I am businessman, but I had strong wish to be teacher. I did it and I'm happy. Of course I had to study and practice..., but it's my calling and I can fulfill in my work my talents and there I can be fully indulged in it.

Money or superficial success is not so important for Satanists. We see through beautiful outfit and even for you is stupid thing to do what other value high. Inner harmony is much more important!
In Sorte Diaboli

#59228 - 09/19/11 04:41 AM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Latvian]
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I’ve taken the “godhood” of the LHP to be more directing your own life through both lesser magics and your own drive to create your best possible outcome. Through that, there never is an end, we are constantly bombarded on all sides by media, our interactions with other people, and the plethora of other contact with information we have on a day to day basis. Once you have stopped attempting to live by will, and accept complacency it takes away from you as a person. That creativity, that drive, that you once had is now sated because “I am happy here, I am content.” Hence the fifth sin of Satanism: Herd Conformity, also leading into the sixth: Lack of Perspective

I personally live for a challenge; instead of working on some of the same repetitive tasks over and over I choose a more diverse route, one that will make me think every day. I have traded hours for dollars doing the grind of office work as an IT support desk specialist. Though now I am an IT consultant, and try to take on a task that will leave me saying “Now that was an interesting puzzle to figure out.” The job is not nearly as stable, but it is fulfilling, and that will give that much more meaning to my life personally.

An ultimate goal, to me, will leave you less motivated in the end if it is something attainable. Such as “I want to be successful and own a mansion.” Great, let’s say you get that, where do you go now? Most that I have seen, in my limited experience, will fall into complacency from there.

A better goal in life, I believe, is to never fall into that complacency, always control how your environment affect you to the best of your abilities, and to always press forward to the next adventure life can give you. With the myriad of both adventures and trials that can be found in life it is a goal that will always be attainable as well as infinite to drive you forward. You will find both good and bad outcomes along the way, but all experiences can be constructive if you learn from them and press forward.
"Responsibility to the responsible"

#59300 - 09/20/11 03:07 PM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: mabon2010]
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My purpose in life is to have no purpose. I'm not being facetious, either. I'm quite fond of Nihilism, it's very freeing.

#59425 - 09/24/11 01:48 AM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Ashley Corinne]
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The purpose of my life are the pleasures of the flesh, emotional gratification, mental and physical challenges and the emotional rewards of triumph. Responsible indulgence is my maxim. Enjoying whatever and whoever and wherever fulfills and satisfies my sense of happiness. The pursuit of feeling good in spite of life's annoyances. I rather not be specific because I want to be open to every opportunity to enjoy something.
"The superior human leads by example and does not require validation within a menial pecking order."

#59456 - 09/24/11 10:30 PM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Red Dragon76]
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"My purpose in life".......this , for me, has really changed over time. I'd be very surprised if it didn't again down the road. Honestly, if I would have been told that I'd be enjoying Satanic principles 13 years ago when I first started to practice Wicca.....I would have denied that that would be a possibility.
My working with kids with Special needs.......same thing.
This awesome Life unfolds before me as I grow and goal is to ride this mother fucker hard and get all I can, and to learn and do all I can.
When I feel like it......I help others, but I prefer to get paid when I do.

#60395 - 10/24/11 03:42 AM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: RAIDER]
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My purpose in life is to survive. Anything beyond that is a bonus. Everyone is slowly dying after they leave the womb, but I am dying slightly faster than others. So I survive and the fact that I am still alive is a testament to that fact. Nothing will stand in the way of my life.
#60667 - 10/31/11 02:48 AM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: halfchaos]
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To be as happy as I can for as long as I can.

I am a Satanist.

Helping others I deem worthy (My wife, friends and family generally) is one example of things I enjoy doing.

I really enjoy sex, food, drink, exercise, hiking, shooting, driving and anything that makes me laugh. All of these make me happy.

I try hard not to attach much happiness to "things/stuff".

I would enjoy having more Satanic ritual in my life.

#60670 - 10/31/11 03:15 AM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Munki1]
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I used to be quite idealistic, but I've somehow lost that going down the road of life. However, I don't really consider it much of a loss. I think I've become much more realistic. It probably sounds like some bad cliché, but I've come to realize that I've got to learn to live in the moment, because life doesn't give any guarantees. Life is not yesterday nor tomorrow, and certainly not ten years ahead.

Being a student, I think it is quite common to "live in the future" in the sense that one thinks that life starts when only this or that happens. "When only I get that job" e.g. However, I've come to realize that I actually enjoy being a student, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss it when I get a 9-5 job. I might not even want that particular job when I reach that point in my life. I'm quite satisfied with life as it is right now, and whatever goals and wishes I may or may not have for the future doesn't really matter. It's nice to have something to reach for, and it certainly is nice if one reaches it, but in the end, it is each single day that matters, and I don't have any purpose beyond being as happy and satisfied as I can each single one of those days.

Edit: Apart from the usual things, like family, what makes me happy is music and coffee. Black metal and black coffee. I'd never underrate the pleasure of a double espresso.

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#61401 - 11/14/11 09:08 PM Re: What is your Purpose in life? [Re: Vinter]
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My purpose in life is to bring pleasure to my body and mind, in all forms. From music to sex. Reading for entertainment/education, to keeping myself in the best of health I can manage, so that I can live a longer life full of indulgence. Anything or anyone that demands sacrifice of any means of pleasure I reward myself with, can fuck off. Of course, there's no sense in being self-destructive. For example, I enjpy drinking heavily. But to do so FREQUENTLY would be more pain and harm than it's worth, and shorten my lifespan. Totally counterproductive. It requires balance, and having a brain in your head, but yeah. Pleasure is my purpose. I seek pleasure from acquiring new knowledge, having my imagination teased/aroused, and pleasant physical sensations.
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