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#54656 - 05/18/11 11:09 AM Re: The Need to Believe [Re: Zach_Black]
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 Originally Posted By: blackzach
I agree entirely with this Six. A lot of people seem to have this need. It was pointed out in this thread that people are genetically predisposed with this need . I disagree. My only real reference is based on my personal experience and a few authors that have studied this.

I think we are genetically biased towards belief and those that don't, are mutations and not the norm. Now before we all start to feel happy about being splendidly different, I'd dare to say that those that truly don't suffer from belief, not necessarily limited to god, are rare.

If we'd all look back into our own past, it wouldn't take much effort to find periods we did believe some bullshit, especially as children, and although we have the potential to break free of many, we might never break free of all. Maybe to a degree, belief ensures our survival, if only mentally.

About the famous one-liner rule. As has been said, it is to avoid an overkill of "affirmation" replies and to stimulate more effort in replying. I occasionally limit myself to a one-liner too but try to avoid it if possible.

The funny thing about humans and rules is that there is no middle road; either you're strict and things go as intended or you're tolerant and they'll screw everything.


#54682 - 05/18/11 09:58 PM Re: The Need to Believe [Re: Diavolo]
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 Originally Posted By: Diavolo
I think we are genetically biased towards belief and those that don't, are mutations and not the norm.

Belief absolutely belongs to the one who has it: it is neither communicable nor transferable nor subject to partition. It is itself, its own authority, its own witness, and does not require anybody's confirmation. It is sufficient unto itself. No amount of skeptical argument can refute it because skepticism has to assume it: it takes for granted the existence of the skeptic.

With all the cunning of ratiocination, the skeptic refutes individual identity. The skeptic only succeeds only when he attains Knowledge through Intelligence, but he is denying his own skepticism; for, he is upholding Knowledge.

Belief--I have none.

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