I tend to keep myself to myself and don't usually partake in group events, organisations and activties etc.

But I would like to share with you a time some years back when I ventured out to a Crowley convention in Oxford.
It was held on 31 October (1992 I think) and tickets cost 6.66 (lol)
At the time I was living in isolation on a farm somewhere in England, and was a newcomer to Crowley and was engrossed in digesting Book 4 and trying to make sense of it.
I was invited by a correspondant I had never met to this convention.
At the time I was young and naive, and I imagined the convention was going to be full of intellectuals and I was going to be totally out of my depth so I attended with nervous anticipation.

To my total surprise, the other attendees turned out to be a weird mix of leather lycra leapardskin wearing sexual deviants who appeared to have little interest in learning more about Crowley and were obviously there in order to pull or hope to encounter some S&M experiences.
The various talks that were given, albeit in a serious tone made absolutely no sense to me whatsoever and certainly didn't elucidate me in the art of Magick or make anything Crowley had to say any clearer.
The event ended in a disco in the back room of an Oxford pub where almost everyone got pissed and which culminated towards a grand finale accompanied by frenzied dancing to 'Come To The Sabbath' by Black Widow.

I have to say it was an eye opening experience, a sharp learning curve, and thankfully it didn't put me off Crowley or mislead me into believing the expression of 'Do What Thou Wilt' was to be taken literally.

I wonder if anyone else attended this convention or has had any similar experiences?

Love S