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#548 - 09/22/07 07:37 AM Introduction to Advanced Occult Marketing
Dev Samael Daval Offline

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This is the latter half of an email I sent to an American company I am advising.

With that explained, the next subject is of particular importance as it covers the "unknown known" of marketing. Bare with me, as things may, on the surface, seem a bit strange until you digest the fullness of my presentation. Once you have read through this it is utterly imperative that you go back and visit all the links that I provide herein so that you may know the reality of what I present.

I'm going to reveal the mystery behind the logos of companies such as Merrill Lynch, Dodge and others. Once you understand this information, you will understand one of the very significant reasons why such companies are so powerful. If marketing is what drives a company to success, then it begins in its logo and the nature and construction of its advertising.

There are people in marketing who believe they know what's going on and then there are those who actually do. Simple enough, but the reality is infinitely more shocking than thinking in terms of what might appear to be just two groups of marketers: those that are marketing novices and those that have studied marketing. Those are just the surface groups.

There is a third group. Which is why I believe that [NAME DELETED BY THE AUTHOR] is our guy for the project, as he is aware of some of this information and I will be happy to assist him on our needs.

Only those who have intensely studied the "darker side" of marketing (subliminal messaging, conversational hypnosis, trance-induction, deception, manipulation, psychological warfare, memetic warfare, etc.), magic (both of the occult variety and otherwise), the various schools of the occult, hidden mysteries of the great religions and their respective masters (which, of course, is the occult [merely meaning "hidden" and not anything diabolical per se]), the masters of art and fiction (of note: DaVinci, Frank Herbert, H.P. Lovecraft, et al) or have an insiders knowledge of military psychological operations and/or military intelligence actually know "what's going on" or have a glimpse of it.

All others are merely babes.

Of course, initiation in a society such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians , Theosphical Society or Skull & Bones Society, to which our "leaders" often belong can give way to this knowledge. Even then, initiation too often translates solely to "membership" rather than actual understanding.

In this six and a half-minute video English magician and master hypnotist Derren Brown demonstrates exactly the point I make above by [in a gentlemanly manner, of course] showing that even top level marketing professionals are infants in the face of the right application of subliminal technologies. In this video, Derren demonstrates the effectiveness of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP is mind-language-programming , a form of conversational hypnosis). I don't want you to start thinking that this is merely about "magic tricks." As I continue you're going to find yourself seeing that the rabbit hole goes much deeper. Yet you may also find his ability to pay for items with white pieces of paper, as opposed to actual dollar bills, or his ability to make people forget where they are headed on the subway using only a few gestures and a combination of words , quite revealing as to the substance of the human psyche.

Moving along. If you've ever wondered at the interesting symbols that the Fortune 500 companies of the world use, we'll be getting to the apex of my presentation. Although the words crux (cross) or axis (axe) might be more appropriately attributed to the revelation.

Entertain these ideas for a moment. . .

Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung ventured that mankind is interconnected at a level of consciousness beyond the levels of individual consciousness (conscious and subconscious), which he termed the Collective Unconscious. The theory being, that at some level our minds we are unconsciously broadcasting to each other. In conjunction with this, scientists have ventured that there is a kind of biological memory that goes beyond merely passing brown eyes or long legs on to our offspring. That if you take a rat in a maze and have it run the maze until it knows all its corridors, it's offspring; it's bloodline will have an innate advantage over the rest.

Going further, the occultist Dion Fortune proposed that a deity, or what one might call a demon/daemon, angel, spirit, genie (et al), could be manifest directly out of the substance of thought. This is the subject of my dear friend's work, titled Creating Magickal Entities: A Complete Guide to Entity Creation. In the world of business you may know of Napolean Hill sending forth his imaginary Mr. Hill to a "meet" with business prospects and win them over before he actually physically arrived at the meeting location. In thought, he was there right now.

You're on the right track, if you've read Claude Bristol's The Magic of Believing. You're especially awake if you noticed that "right now, You're on the right track" was just given to you as a subliminal suggestion.

Getting back to Fortune (with a wink to the reader and a nod to her name change). Dion called her readers to imagine a scene consisting of something akin to the vast plains of Africa to start off this understanding. Imagine that amidst the grasses and brush, without a tree in sight, there exists a giant bolder. It was at that bolder that small animals would find, by it's particular shape, a means to escape predators or drowning torrential rains. Now comes along a shaman who detects the blessing that this rock is to the life around it. In his particular school of thought he determines that the rock itself is inhabited by a divine and beneficial spirit, and then calls the men of his tribe to chisel it down into a anthropomorphic form so that it may be seen as a statue of the "god" that it is. At first the magic is only so powerful as his insistence that the rock [now statue] is a deity, measured by the faith that his people have in his wisdom. As ages pass the deity grows abundantly in power for every good thing that happens to his people. As like a reassurance of ones faith opens a window to the divine. The debate for the spirit's actual existence is irrelevant because it exists in the minds of those who believe in it, and the mind "being its own place" (in the words of John Milton, Paradise Lost), is a weapon. Albeit one that is a two edged sword.

Now comes the Zodiac into our view. The first theater of mankind being the sky, with its actors being the myriad heavenly bodies that inhabit it. I'll blend the above mentioned story with the Zodiac by positing the question: What if a thing; a symbol that is known to a bloodline for ages can be used to call forth an unconscious memory, even when those of that bloodline have long forgotten the symbol?

All humans know the stars and the Sun, and thus these things are deeply embedded in the serpent spiraling DNA of our very being. We ask why Merrill Lynch uses the Bull? Because it is the astrological sign of Taurus! We ask why Dodge uses a Ram? Because it is the ram of Aries! Would you do anything but "dodge" a butting ram? We ask why Sun Microsystems is not only prefaced by the "Sun" but uses a logo emblematic of the sun wheel (known as the swastika, reversed and perverted by the Nazis)? Because the Sun to the ancients is not only known to us all, being the rising center of our own little universe, but is the "Son/Sun of God" to the ancients!

If you want a fuller understanding of how this stuff works I both invite you and implore you to watch Michael Tsarions presentation of these facts in his speech titled The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media. If you click on only one link within this message, make it that one.

After you've watched the video, go back and take a close look at the cover of Claude Bristol's book The Magic of Believing. The book is a red rectangle and there is an orange circle in the middle. What are those symbols?

The keystone of my presentation is this, and in considering that one of the primary objectives of our venture is to assist in strengthening the Republic and fighting those who have hijacked it: It is that there is nothing inherently wrong with these symbols or with astrology or with the various religions of the world whose followers, teachers and masters truly want a rightness and peace for humanity.

What you have been "initiated" into by my presentation is that all things in our history can be hijacked and used against us. Meditate even on this idea. That there is nothing inherently wrong with the symbol of the skull. Is not the skull the chamber from which our very thoughts stem? What can be wrong about the symbol of the serpent if it is at its core a symbol of our DNA?

Is not the Serpent on the flag which reads "Don't Tread On Me"?

I insist that this knowledge is used by us to bend back what has been used for so long against us. The bankers, the tyrants and monarchs, the corrupt politicians loyal only to their secret brothers, those who hijacked the symbol of "a particular people" and placed its emblem on the military swords of our Armed Forces (as if to drive home at the last, that the "theater of war" is just that to them, a theater of pawns used for their own ends and certainly their entertainment), will then have driven back in their face the forces of our sacred human divinity that they have molested and perverted.

Back to the foundation of this email.


Also, with what is said above, I think that it is imperative that we think about potentially reworking the company logo to insure its absolute success.

Additionally, you may want to review the work of Rob Ager concerning subliminal messages via the placement of images in ads. I trust you'll find his other videos on YouTube about the psychological, symbolic and subliminal breakdown of movies also enlightening (although his work is incomplete in that there is almost an absence of an occult understanding but forth).

Finally, thank you for your time and consideration of this information.

In your service,
Dev Samael Daval

#563 - 09/22/07 08:26 PM Re: Introduction to Advanced Occult Marketing [Re: Dev Samael Daval]
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Fun stuff Dev, thanks for posting this. Around 4 months ago when I began my intense studies of the mirrors over at based upon the I Ching and the Tree of Life, I started becoming very sensitive to occult symbolism. Something 'clicked' in my mind that allowed me to draw upon all of the hidden knowledge I had squirreled away in my brain for twenty years of reading and I could decipher the colors and symbols for what they were. One thing I noticed was the golden shell on crimson of the Shell company. It made me think of Venice and of course her patron Venus who rules victory in war.

I wonder though, is it the companies doing this deliberately or are they drawing upon a greater sphere of intelligence, expressing the natural partitioning of large masses of people that occurs when thousands of humans conglomerate? Suddenly we see these expressions emerging out of seemingly nowhere, but perhaps the explanation is weirder than we imagine. Perhaps they are evolutionary traits of the mind - if we could look at ourselves as a species it could be considered a display of territorial marking.

Nice signature Dev, I love the Lion, especially as it connects to Mithras.

No doubt one can also deliberately formulate an auspicious symbol that impacts the minds of others in a way that takes advantage of psychological programming. - Your lion, for instance = power.

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#568 - 09/22/07 10:08 PM Re: Introduction to Advanced Occult Marketing [Re: Dev Samael Daval]
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I was interested when watching the second video, in the use of the interruption technique during the original hand shake.

Whilst they didn't point it out, pointing out only the words used to influence his choice of present, I had read about it in a book you'd previously listed as suggested reading on NLP and as soon as I saw him do it, it made alot more sense of how someone could have that done to them and not realise it.

At the end when he was ready to 'reawaken' the subject he then finnished off the handshake.

Certainly makes me alot more interested in learning more about it.

Very good video.

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#585 - 09/23/07 01:09 AM Re: Introduction to Advanced Occult Marketing [Re: ZephyrGirl]
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That was actually pretty enjoyable to read. I want to learn how to make people forget their destinations and purchase my food with pieces of paper! Sounds like some really advanced lesser magick to me.
Yours truly in the bringer of light, the morning star, and the deity within us all.

#623 - 09/25/07 06:50 AM Re: Introduction to Advanced Occult Marketing [Re: Dev Samael Daval]
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Interesting presentation on occult marketing, Samael. You must let us know the outcome.

I'm a big fan of Derren Brown but your email brought to mind something I had read recently regarding the British olympic athlete Jonathan Edwards.

He was almost as famous for being an evangelical Christian as he was for winning medals. He even refused to compete in the World Championship in 1991 because it was held on a Sunday. Yet he has now become an atheist. After he retired from athletics, his faith crumbled.

Yet, he still reckons his faith helped him win medals.

Looking back now, I can see that my faith was not only pivotal to my decision to take up sport but also my success.

I was always dismissive of sports psychology when I was competing, but I now realise that my belief in God was sports psychology in all but name.

Believing in something beyond the self can have a hugely beneficial psychological impact, even if the belief is fallacious. It provided a profound sense of reassurance for me because I took the view that the result was in Godís hands.

To move mountains, do people need to believe in a higher being or higher purpose, whether it's called "God", "Satan", "Liberty", or the "Dictatorship of the Proletariat"? And if people stop believing in some higher purposes, are they happy that this means people will stop moving mountains? In regards to the human psyche, are humans hard-wired for faith? ?

Newberg calls religion the great equalizer and points out that similar areas of the brain are affected during prayer and meditation. Newberg suggests that these brain scans may provide proof that our brains are built to believe in God. He says there may be universal features of the human mind that actually make it easier for us to believe in a higher power.

When I read this I can't help feeling that, having taken the fame and the glory, Jonathan Edwards dumped "God" only because he no longer needed him.

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