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#55960 - 06/17/11 08:16 AM Re: Why Twitter and Facebook should be censored [Re: Dialectical]
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Imposing equality pathos is merely an attempt to infect others with pity, pity is an infection for which some of us are immune. Some of us can also identify and ward off viral memes by our strong cerebral immune systems. Censorship is a nay-sayers way toward equalising himself with the yes-sayer.

The yes-sayer is seen to be making he, the nay sayer, feel hard-done-by, although the yes-sayer does not care to acknowledge the negativity of the nay-sayer who ought to be minding his own business and looking toward his own affirmations of value in life. The nay-sayer is incompetent and so he covets the overman, envies the overman and instead of raising himself up, he attempts to belittle the overman's accomplishments whilst having nothing to show of his own personal accomplishments.

Likewise, there are socialists who only have the colour of their skin or football team to be proud of, basking in the grubby mundane limelight of the idolised accomplishments of others that have nothing to do with them personally. If all one has to be proud of is the colour of their skin or a football team then they certainly haven't had the will to achieve anything in their lives to be personally proud of.

Passive aggressive moral blackmail does not work on Satanist nor other independent bearers of sovereignty, let alone personifications of barbarism such as myself. Regardless of my preferences toward primitivism and use of words and expressions not standard in acceptable language, there are others who are much more busy affirming value in life to care to glance at the negative and weak nor do we care to acknowledge the negative and weak in what they have to say.

I defend the right of unrestricted free speech in my work or otherwise. Transgressive speech found in my work, and of others of the Left-Path, is a powerful challenge to Judeo-Christian tyranny and equality pathos.

The will to power.

#58799 - 09/03/11 06:08 AM Re: Why Twitter and Facebook should be censored [Re: mabon2010]
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 Originally Posted By: mabon2010
A big row has errupted in Britain as people who wish to protect their private lives from invasion from the media have taken out court injunctions, and individuals have broken those injunctions by naming names on Twitter and Facebook.

Globalism produces one nasty side effect that the legal strengths of a nation like Britain can be destroyed by people on the internet. Most of the big internet companies are American and run under American law, which means:

1. defamation actions are harder to pursue.
2. hate and invasion of privacy can be done under freedom of speech.

British citizens are unable to protect our own privacy under British laws because of the internet and American laws.

Of course being a carrier the Twitter and Facebook claims they are not liable for what is posted on their networks, however as shown by Wikileaks they can be made to enforce their own terms and conditions, but this can be horribly expensive when hundreds and thousands of people are delibrately abusing British law. The alternative is to have Facebook and Twitter banned totally and a full firewall imposed on Britain like they have in China and in Australia.

I agree with you.. sometimes it become necessary to make restrictions on the site..

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