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#55029 - 05/24/11 03:22 PM One Day In San Francisco
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Ok, culinary enthusiasts. I must travel to San Francisco, and am a native New Yorker. I want to ask, if you had one day in S.F. what would you see? Where would you go to eat? Best food in S.F. is? Someplace leaves a good memory?

Purpose: I was invited because of my research into the issue to attend the Memorial Ceremony for over 400 unclaimed children who perished at Jonestown and were placed into a mass grave.

A vodka of thanks for your info beforehand!

#55117 - 05/28/11 01:12 AM Re: One Day In San Francisco [Re: creativevalue]
Michael A.Aquino Offline

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From what I've heard on the news, the service at the Jonestown Memorial is scheduled for this Sunday 5/29. It's in Oakland, across the SF Bay from SF.

What you see and where you eat in SF depends to some extent on what day you're going to be there, how much time you have in the city, and how much you want to spend. Also your means of travel: BART subway, Muni bus, rental car, friend driving, etc. There are casual restaurants and coat&tie. Various ethnic, vegan, etc. Narrow it down.

If I were starting you off from/returning you to Oakland, I would say:

(1) Take BART to Powell Street.

(2) Catch a cable car at Powell & Market and ride it to the end of the line. [I recommend the Powell & Hyde car rather than the Powell & Mason car.]

(3) You are now at Fisherman's Wharf. Enjoy to early afternoon. If you've never eaten at the Rainforest Cafe, there is a very nice one on the Wharf. Take a stroll out Pier 39 and schmooze the sea lions.

(4) Early afternoon walk up to Columbus Avenue and take the 30 Stockton bus towards downtown. Get off at Columbus & Stockton. Walk 2 blocks down Columbus to Broadway. Glance at the Condor, where Carol Doda started the topless era, walk to the City Lights Bookstore, HQ of the Beat Generation, and enjoy it. If you haven't yet read it, pick up a copy of Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon.

(5) Walk a half-block to Broadway & Grant. You are now at the north end of Chinatown. Walk along Grant to Bush (Chinatown's south end).

(6) Walk one block up Bush to Bush & Stockton. There you will see a small alley named Burritt. Have someone take your picture next to the Miles Archer Plaque.

(7) Walk down the Stockton Street stairs to Stockton, then a block down to Union Square. Windowshop around there.

(8) Have dinner at John's Grill. I recommend you phone ahead for reservations. Try Sam Spade's Chops along with a Bloody Brigid (you get to take the glass as a memento).

(9) Walk a block down to Market Street and catch BART back to Oakland.


* Wear comfortable walking shoes!

* You won't need coat & tie for any of this #1-9.

* Thanks for the vodka offer, but ...
Michael A. Aquino

#55162 - 05/29/11 02:00 PM Re: One Day In San Francisco [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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Dr. Aquino, Thank you very much for your excellent advice. I have copied it to use in my travels.

I arrived in S.F. yesterday morning. I took the BART to Oakland and after settling in had coffee for about 2 hours with associates from the University.

That evening I went to the Marriot where I had a casual meeting with some independent researchers. It was worthwhile just to listen to their ideas and also to advise on conversing with people who have lived through a highly sensitive issue, that they may not want to speak about publicly.

Today I go to the ceremony and to the gatherings.

It promises to be a fascinating chance to meet some people to bring a real perspective to the events that transpired. Emotions, love for family, the issues that make it real.

Tomorrow I will be on tour of San Francisco and will consider your advice. This is my one day in S.F. and then back to NYC.

I have noticed the wide variety of fruit juices in California. We don't drink a lot of fresh acacia juice in NY!

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