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#66381 - 04/24/12 11:38 AM Re: Guardian Demons??? [Re: Erich Zann]
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151000 people die each day. That's roughly some 55 million a year. That's 550 million a decade.
That's a whole lot of ghosts not?

If ghost sightings were true, the phenomenal part would not be that we see them but that we only see so few of them.

If they'd be sources of energy, we could close down all nuclear reactors and stick a cable up those ghostly asses, tap from that source and never need any other energy source again.

No need for electric cars when we can have ghostly ones. Not only will those cars be lighter and thus run faster, they don't pollute the environment either and if power runs low, just swap your ghost at the closest mortuary.

Finally an energy source that is and clean and healthy and unlimited. As long as people keep dying, you can keep driving.


#66387 - 04/24/12 04:41 PM Re: Guardian Demons??? [Re: infinity]
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You still didn't answer my questions from before, so I guess when you don't know something, you ignore it.

"The Aura clearly exudes a measurable, electromagnetic e-field: Science of today, not only acknowledges the existence of the aura, but also recognizes the fact that an aura exudes a measurable energy-field, thus of a radioactive nature!"

Really,can you please list scientific source material for this statement.

"parapsychologists have concluded that ghosts, phantoms, disembodied spirit entities, orbs, and etcetera, all may "cause" measurable e-field distortions which can be detected by EMF scanner devices;"

The thing is MAY CAUSE etc. There is no proof that this is the actual case. Hidden wires also cause the device to move.

"because electricity is a conduit or vehicle through which the physical and the non-physical energies may become converged,"

Sure if you get hit by lightening, chances are you are dead.

"In Sanskrit it is taught that there are many subtle variants of electricity, all of which are said to be types of "fohat"."

There is a device known as a Violet wand. It can conduct electricity of varying wattage/amps(?) through the device which is then used as part of a S&M play session. I have used it, and can't really say that touching it brings forth any ghosts or spirits. The most it does is it may get you to cum if used in certain ways.

"All physical energy resonates with an ethereal aura which has an electromagnetic field, be it physical or inanimate. A spirit can become entrapped within an electromagnetic field, of which binds the channel between two separate vibrations."

Can you please quote and source any scientific material for these ideas? I never called up a ghost/possessed spirit when using that violet wand even when there were two of us using 2 different ones on one person.

"Death is an illusion; a means to an alteration of consciousness.
Death is a teacher; a doorway to fathomless cycles of beginnings and ends which have no beginning or end."

I think you might have become a little too wrapped up in poetic license. This is the wrong place I think for you. Death is the end, the great equalizer. It is why we should strive to Do and Be the best we can and enjoy all that we can because this is it. There is no next cycle, or fathomless cycles, this is the one life that you get, and it is all that matters.

Courage Conquering Fear
Fuck em if they can't take a joke
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