Now, researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia have pinpointed a single gene that causes breast cancer to spread. Remarkably, just this one gene is responsible for controlling a thousand other genes that together promote tumor growth. Hopefully, by targeting this mastermind gene, scientists will be able to drastically halt the spread of breast cancer.

The researchers explain that the gene, called SATB1, regulates other genes that are notorious for making breast cancer more aggressive. One of these aggressive genes under the control of SATB1 is the growth factor gene ERBB2, also known as HER2. SATB1 also controls many genes that normally constrain cell division when working properly

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What an amazing discovery. I think it's going to come out that breast cancer is primarily caused by environmental and physical factors and not because of milk, meat or any of the other vegan conspiricies.
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