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What about all the rear view mirrors falling of the windshield from the baking?
lol; i know! I thought that onlt happened to us because out car was a piece a shit! Then you go buy cheap super glue and the mirror never goes right again! Thats mother nature... she's a hot mama.

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I don't think you realise just how isolated the Australian outback is. Don't forget South Australia is the dryest state, in the dryest continent in the world.

That's one of the reasons that Australia has so few people for a country of it's size. The majority of the joint is just not habitable.

Land isn't that cheap ATM, but Adelaide is still alot cheaper than alot of places in Australia although housing values have risen huge amounts in the last 5 years.

With the exchange rates you would probably be paying about the same for rental places at what you mention. There's a thread on all those sorts of comparisons somewhere on the site.

Where in Arizona are you from? I visited Pheonix/Tempe in 1995. I went there with my Uncle that owns a business selling salt water clorination systems over there. I loved the joint. Most of my time in the States was spent in LA, but I did make it to Vegas for a weekend also. LA reminded me of the Gold Coast only with 18 million people.

Zeph i was from Tuscon. I lived just off the foothill of this local mountain named "A Mountain" cuz it had a big A on it. There were a lot of Horny Toads there; i don't see them here in California thoe.

Pheonix is like an LA, just dirtier and hotter. Salt Water Clorination? Did you like it out here? I'll move to Adelaide then. I've never been out of the country or seen Australia. But I see pictures of that building with the sea shells for roofs in Sidney. Is that all the cultural architecture you aussies have down there?
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