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#559 - 09/22/07 02:52 PM Crazy cop
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Not quite sure what this tapping noise is, but still an interesting video. It makes me want to install a camera in my car.

#561 - 09/22/07 03:33 PM Re: Crazy cop [Re: Meph]
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Here's the link to the whole story along with a complete transcript of the entire incident .

People like this really piss me off. The whole thing was a big ego trip for the cop who didn't like this kid's attitude and wanted to emotionally beat this guy down just to show him that he could.

It's amazing that this guy had put a dash cam in his car and that it caught such an egregious abuse of authority on it. I'm only surprised that the cop wasn't fired outright and a public apology issued. I mean honestly, what is there to investigate?

- R

P.S. This guy had another encounter with the police a year earlier at a checkpoint which is also very interesting... check it

#562 - 09/22/07 03:47 PM Re: Crazy cop [Re: Meph]
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12 mins into it do you have any weapons on you... funny shit there...

The clicking seemed like an electrical interference caused by the lights but I do not know why it sped up... A heart rate monitor on the officer maybe?

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#818 - 10/02/07 07:31 PM Re: Crazy cop [Re: ta2zz]
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It's just another asshole police officer using a power play on the guy, because he can. The guy (not the cop) was being a bit too passive for my taste.

The Officer had dick on him, and even without the camera he should have showed a little more testicular fortitude.

I've been stopped 3 times in the past 6 months by the police in my area. They have a beef with me because I didn't bow down to their "authority".

It all started one morning around 3 am a female colleague and I were out in my fully restored 1970 Barracuda, leaving from a party.

The speed limit was 70mph and I was doing a little over 80mph. Alright, fuck it I was speeding and I got busted ...fine.

But the way this cop approached the vehicle and started talking to me you thought he was pulling over a harden criminal, kinda like the cop in the video.

So I figured I'd try to defuse the situation a little with a playful comment so I could just get my ticket and get the hell out of there. I grinned and said ... "Officer, I made your morning real easy. This baby has got 380 H.P. under the hood. I was doing 83mph ... so cut me some slack."

He responded like I said "GO FUCK YOURSELF PIG!"

So I was like fuck this ... so I told him that he was a piece of shit asshole power hungry cop that doesn't have shit on me besides a speeding ticket, so unless you've got anything else to charge me on then give me my fucking ticket in which I could pay with the change under my goddamn sofa cushions, and let me be on my way.

So he told me how he could take me to jail right now, and blah blah blah...then said I was lucky that this was the end of his shift and didn't want to deal with the paper work on someone like me.

Gave me my ticket, the end.

Well, since then his buddies have been stopping me for little shit ... No tickets, they just want to bug me. I've found they are more interested in talking about my cars than "whatever" bullshit reason they pull me over for.

But I made a phone call a few weeks ago, and I was assured they wouldn't be bothering me anymore and they haven't.

So I'd of liked to see the guy in the video stand up more to the cop. You have the right to speak up when a police officer is being a cock to you. You have too ... take your lumps if it happens, then sue the mother fuckers.
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#1623 - 11/09/07 04:18 AM Re: Crazy cop [Re: ICouldBuyYouAll]
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My first reaction was that it was all staged. He had the camera, the lights ... and the action. I had to wonder -- did he know this cop has a reputation for being an ass? Did he know exactly what he could say to him to piss the cop off?

After a second look, as far as I can tell, the poor kid did nothing wrong. The cop lost his grip. Now he's paying the price.

Attitude from teens (he wasn't a teen, but not far off either) drive me bonkers too. I've been a substitute teacher before - the stress can push you over the edge -- but the kid didn't appear to have an attitude -- unless he was making faces -something we couldn't see. The cop would've brought that up, though. So, what attitude? I wonder -- did the cop really believe the kid had 'attitude'? Maybe he's off his rocker more than we know... :-|

The cop needs therapy ... wow.
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#1696 - 11/10/07 05:33 PM Re: Crazy cop [Re: ICouldBuyYouAll]
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Like it or not, the police have the power to enforce their authority on you.
It makes sense to be pragmatic when dealing with them. Piss them off, and they'll have an excuse to survey you.
I prefer to keep my nose clean. I call police officers 'Sir', which instantly defuses any aggressive impulses, and leads them to decide to spend their time on more suspicious-looking individuals. So they leave me alone.

Surveillance is pretty bad in the UK, I am caught on CCTV hundreds of times in a typical day.
Still, there is always the option of living outside of areas with cameras... but where I live, that would mean living remote from society.

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