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#56058 - 06/19/11 03:48 PM Fungi From Yuggoth
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Some time ago on 600C I recommended a very interesting book on the subject of water, i.e. drinking enough of same and all of the good that it does to your body (which is basically a water machine).

So this last week I happened to listen to a very interesting discussion on KPFA about the health/immune-system properties of mushrooms, and that led me to the interviewee's website, where he offers various fungi consumables & readables for sale. You might want to take a listen & look.
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#56268 - 06/26/11 05:27 PM Re: Fungi From Yuggoth [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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Water is my favorite drink of all-time. Also, I supplement with tried and proven supplements such as a multi-vitamin, calcium and fish oil. In addition, I use Devil's Claw which aids in minimizing the effects of high impact outdoor activities. These combined with eating balanced meals has definitely helped.

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#76414 - 05/18/13 12:55 AM Re: Fungi From Yuggoth [Re: Michael A.Aquino]
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I can recommend this book. It's comprehensive to include some fantastic images for visually identifying Mushrooms.

Link to Amazon

I've been using it in conjunction with reading Allegro's:

Link to Amazon

In addition to taste and medicinal qualities, Mushroom cults can be found in various culture. Their purpose vary over the ages.

Reishi Mushrooms are considered a Fountain of Youth. In recent years in addition to ingesting them they've been added to a lot of Health and Beauty products.

I often find them growing by a Lake I frequent.
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