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#58212 - 08/15/11 11:15 AM Re: Doubt [Re: Max Stirner]
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To the both of you . . .

Science requires interpretation. You can conduct certain experiments all day long, repeat them, rinse them, and do them all over again. Yet without a theoretical (read philosophical) basis of interpretation, those results will have no meaning.

I can take the simplest of theoretical constructs and demonstrate this. F=MA. Force = Mass times Acceleration. Now, let's analyze . . .

Acceleration is the only well-defined term here (just the mathematical derivative of velocity/movement). Mass is poorly defined, but we can substitute something like "resistance to acceleration/coupling with the gravitational field" and be left with what exactly?

Upon analysis, "force" seems to dissolve into a morass of unintelligibility. It is a convenient stage mask.

So what about something a bit more substantial? Take C. Why is the speed of massless "particles" in a vacuum the exchange rate between "mass" and "energy"? Maybe, we combine "massless" with "mass" in an inverse equation and reach a foundation (i.e. energy) which we still don't understand. So what have we accomplished?

Look, dudes, if you think poking the thing is all that matters, then why do you poke it? It resists you at every turn; prodding you to better models, all the while developing paradigm shifts which send you deeper into the Abyss of Being. I repeat, science requires interpretation. Experiment requires a model within which it can be comprehended.


#58213 - 08/15/11 01:25 PM Re: Doubt [Re: Jason King]
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When exactly did I say (or imply) that science does not require interpretation?

I think I get the misunderstanding, let's see if this solves it:

The solid ground is like a project for a house. Without someone who takes the project and says "This line means "wall" " it's completely useless. But you must have one and if it's well developed, you have already done a big part of the job and you're in the position to start building( with the interpretation system).

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#62239 - 12/06/11 04:30 AM Re: Doubt [Re: Meph9]
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I think its only in uncertainty that one can experience beauty. So, for that penultimate reason, uncertainty is to be admired and valued greatly. However, the paradox is that in beauty you find conviction, and so uncertainty in your standard intentional belief systems really spells the utmost knowledge of the truth.

Sort of an epistemic "It's only when you lose everything that you are free to gain anything."

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