Atheism is just a sheep without god. Atheists can still be easily herded by pulling out cards concerning moralities and guilt without mentioning things as "gods" and "spirits".

You’re right! I lived during Soviet Union time in such atheistic brainwashed herd mentality… So much rules and superstitions and everyday propaganda of obedient socialistic and communistic heroes.… Maybe in our days the best example could be North Korea.

Very interesting fact is following - when iron curtain was away the same atheistic herd run in xtianity (formal or newborn movements) or choose to became adherents of RHP, Krisna fanatics etc... Herd is always been herd and we Satanists have nothing to do with herd mentality.

Thanks to everyone for posts! I’m proud to be part of real satanic community here in The 600 Club.
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