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#5898 - 03/18/08 11:26 PM Rules & Guidelines
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1. What Is The Satanic Community?

The Satanic Community is a message based forum that carries discussions on Satanic philosophy and other topics of interest to Satanists. The majority of members on this board are Modern Satanists of LaVeyan philosophy, though we do have a number of individuals with different beliefs. There are admitted atheists, traditionalist Satanists, and Wiccans, among others. We believe this allows a broader spectrum of ideas and debates. All we ask is to RESPECT the majority of the board as we are Satanists. Remember, this is a privately run website, and as such it is a privilege to post here, not a right.

2. What does the Satanic Community Expect From A Member?

We expect you to use common sense and intelligence in your posting. We ask you to "Think" before you post and ask yourself, "Is what I'm posting contain facts and valid points, and is worthy to contribute to the discussion?" We realize not everyone will get along but we expect you to debate with "respect" and not name call or show childish behavior - unless the person is indeed a wastrel and deserves your verbal punishment (use good judgment). If you can not get along with certain members we ask you to not associate with them or take your problem with them to "Private Messages." We also ask not to post "one-liners" as it is a waste of board space. Feel free to send your "one-liner" in a PM. Finally, the majority of the users here are English Speaking, so we ask you make all your posts in English so all can understand. If you wish to carry on discussions in your own language please do it by PM or e-mail.

3. What Do The Titles Mean?

We have incorporated a system that has 4 levels.

First Level: Registered User
You start off as a "Newbie." After a certain amount of posts your title changes and so on. We ask that you do not make "one-liner posts" or just write garbage to speed up your title change. If you do so your posts will be deleted and if you continue to do so you will find yourself banned.

Second Level: Familiars
These are individuals who have shown intelligent and thought out posts. They have been chosen by the Administration solely. These names are in "Blue".
We ask that you do not PM or e-mail the Administration to ask for this title.
If you are worthy and intelligently spoken it will be recognized and you will be notified that you have earned this title. If you PM or e-mail asking for this title you will be given a title of "Whiner" for the whole community to ridicule.

Third Level: Moderator
These are individuals who moderate the boards content, their names are in "Green". Once again this position is granted "ONLY" by the Administration and
shouldn't be asked for.

Fourth Level: Administrators
These Individuals are the owners and/or operators of the Satanic Community and run the boards. Their names are in "Red". If you have questions that are not answered in the FAQ or Rules and Regulations feel free to PM the Familiars or Moderators. They will answer your questions - if they cannot they will direct the
problem to us and we will respond to you. If we do not get back to you right away bare with us, we are likely busy.

4. What can get me Banned?

A: Stupidity will get you banned.

B: Having no respect for the Administration, Familiars or Moderators will get you banned.

C: Disrespecting our philosophy without a strong case against us will get you banned. If you have a conflict with anyone's posts or beliefs, present your post using the weapons of logic and rationale or keep it to yourself or you will be banned.

D: Making your topics in the correct forum is "Absolute". If you post inappropriate topics in the wrong forum, it will be deleted. If you continue to do this you will be banned.

E: We do not promote or endorse any Satanic organizations so as a member here we ask you to refrain from advertising or attempting to use the Satanic Community as a recruiting ground. If you do so you will be banned. Answering questions concerning organizations you are familiar with or are a member of is certainly fine with us.

5. Why did my title get changed to "Idiot"/"Troll"?

Why? Because you earned it, that's why! And if you would like to earn this title as well, here are the qualifications:

Idiot - User has shown a complete and utter lack of intelligence, and deserves to be recognized for it. It takes effort to be this stupid. Let them know how ignorant they really are.

Troll - User posts to stir up trouble. Often items are needlessly inflammatory, obviously inaccurate, and may even include downright personal attacks. A "shit-disturber". They are fishing for attention to justify their meaningless existance. Don't give it to them. Users given this title should be ignored until they go away, or they push the envelope too far, at which point they will be banned.

6. Double Topics

When posting please go through the board's history of topics, as you may find your topic or question has already been posted and thus you can reply there. If you need help with this, there is a search engine at the bottom of the forum to assist you, which will search thru the archive of postings for a particular topic. Posting the same topic causes more waste on the board. If you post a topic that was previously posted in the history we will come and delete it. If you continue to do so you will find yourself banned.

7. Christian Topics

We discourage you from posting material of a "white-light" or Right-Hand Path nature to this site, the boards are already filled with topics like this. If you feel the need to make a statement post it to a thread that already exists that is addressing the topic (as mentioned above). By posting topics which are overtly anti-Christian (anti-RHP) you are no better then [they] are and stooping to [their] level of stupidity and ignorance. To illustrate this further, you must realize that you are evangelizing to a group of people who already are anti-RHP. We as the Satanic Community will not tolerate this useless information. If you want to attack the RHP, do it outside of the Satanic Community. If you post topics and clutter the board on this issue we will delete it - continue to do so and you will be banned.

8. Are You In My State?

We ask if you want to meet others on the board who may live in your state or area to check the Satanic "WORLD MAP" or view each persons' profile. After doing so PM them personally instead of making posts on the board. On the menu option of this board is the "World Map" which is directly for inquiring for other like minds,so use it. The Satanic Community is not a dating service or help center,if your post is not productive and doesn't have value then it does not need to be posted.

9. Closing Statement

We believe these rules are fair and just, if you disagree with any or all of them then you will not be welcome here and we suggest finding another place to roam. We have worked hard at trying to maintain intelligent and respectable or truly entertaining content and we want to keep it that way. If you agree with the rules we have stated and respect them then we welcome you here and we look forward to interacting with you.

#27289 - 07/20/09 11:00 PM Re: Rules & Guidelines [Re: xear]
ceruleansteel Offline
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Jeez, Darlin'...can you put this in a more prominent location? I just spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to find it so that I could forward it to someone.
#49067 - 02/17/11 07:42 PM Re: Rules & Guidelines [Re: j10p16g7]
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Julian (newbie),

I have the impression that English is not your primary language. Am I right? If so, I will be try to overlook the grammatical and punctuation errors.
I spit on your crapulous creeds.
Let all chaste women be utterly despised among you!

#62002 - 11/29/11 04:31 AM Re: Rules & Guidelines [Re: xear]
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The R&G's make sense to me as I first came across LaVeyan philosophy in 1975, reading in a library. It made sense to me then as it has continued to do so. I will participate sparingly but desire to become more involved. I will try to follow the rules and guidelines.
#73359 - 11/30/12 08:23 PM Re: Rules & Guidelines [Re: xear]
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Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this community I have read and understand the guidelines and will abide.
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