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#58992 - 09/09/11 12:49 AM Demonic Sex and Witch-Hunts: Faith versus Gnosis
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So I was poring over books on Renaissance-era witch hunts, and came across a very interesting theory in the work "Demon Lovers" by Walter Stephens. Between statistics on judicial records and lurid descriptions of Lucifer's three-pronged penis, the author posits something along these lines...

It is commonly asserted among both modern scholars and amateur researchers on the subject, that the obsession with demonic copulation stems largely from the repressed sexuality of Christian society and the celibate clergy who wrote such dissertations. While this is indeed a contributing factor, it also suggests a more immanent metaphysical implication...

Whereas the institution of Christendom is based upon the abstract notion of "faith" (lack of direct experience) and theological scholasticism (book-knowledge), the reality of witchcraft and magic depended entirely upon demonstrably physical contact with the supernatural world. The pious Christian simply prayed to an invisible God, and usually had no other verification for his faith other than secondhand reports of visions and miracles. Disciples of the Devil, however, were daily conjuring storms and being whisked away on the backs of demons, and Satan himself is often described as appearing in person.

Engaging the Devil in something so profoundly intimate as sexual copulation, therefore, symbolizes the ultimate "reality" of witchcraft. It is gnosis at its purest, a spiritual experience far more real than anything the archetypical Christian could ever hope for. The concept of Witchcraft served to provide empirical evidence for the truth of Church doctrines, however corrupted. It is no surprise then, that witch-mongering was defended with such tenacity, since to deny the reality of witchcraft would undermine the perceived reality of Christianity itself.

I believe this syllogism applies not only to diabolical witchcraft, but to magic and Hermeticism as a whole. (Although it is not surprising that an estimated third of all accused witches were involved in some sort of cunning-craft and practical magic.) Occult philosophy itself revolves around concrete gnostic experience, which stands in contrast to the mainstream Christian dogma of mere "belief".
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#59416 - 09/23/11 07:27 PM Re: Demonic Sex and Witch-Hunts: Faith versus Gnosis [Re: The Zebu]
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I would disagree entirely it seems to me that the claim that of sex and orgies at alleged black masses stems from the clergy's attempt to shock the followers. In dark ages era Europe sex and discussion or engaging in public of sex was shocking and greatly offensive to the social order. Thus to show witches, noncatholics, as doing so was to "prove" that they were evil or wild animals. So if the people are convinced that there "enemies" are unforgivable wretches then it's much easier to defend trying to wipe them off the face of the earth.

It's like Alice Cooper pretending to execute himself on stage, it's to be shocking. I don't see amy deeper meaning.

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