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#59388 - 09/22/11 03:32 PM Iran, Freemasonry, and Satanism
dust-e sheytoon Offline

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Some Iranians equate Freemasonry with Satanism. Here is a video of some Hizbollah supporters burning a prop obelisk. The people in this video are not, by the way, representative of Iranians in general. My Iranian friends are mostly Atheists. A few are Satanists. They could be executed for Apostasy and/or Sorcery.

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#59389 - 09/22/11 03:46 PM Re: Iran, Freemasonry, and Satanism [Re: dust-e sheytoon]
Alex Crowley Offline

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It's not just Iranians who make that comparison - have you looked into any Christian conspiracy theories lately? Freemasons rule the world, politicians organize Satanic rituals and the queen is a reptile. Most of this is thanks to people being crazy enough to buy into this shit without doing their research.

I find it sad that people can be executed for their beliefs based on religious paranoia - but that's the way things have been going for years. And uninformed people say Satanists are the bad guys?

#59392 - 09/22/11 07:32 PM Re: Iran, Freemasonry, and Satanism [Re: Alex Crowley]
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Embedded for ya.

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#59444 - 09/24/11 01:55 PM Re: Iran, Freemasonry, and Satanism [Re: Nemesis]
Knievel74 Offline

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I recently performed at a child's brthday party who is the son of a Freemason. Not surprisingly, the man is running for mayor of the town. I had an opportunity to talk the man about Freemasonry. It was very interesting.

Freemasonry, like Satanism is very misunderstood. It probably holds as many myths as Satanism does.
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#61368 - 11/13/11 02:46 PM Re: Iran, Freemasonry, and Satanism [Re: Knievel74]
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Freemasonry and Satanism do have some common tendencies this is true, even if they are on opposite paths as Satanism is on the Left Hand Path and Freemasonry is a Right Handed Path fraternity.
Both worship the godhead of Baphomet.
Certain oaths of the Masonic Temple declare Lucifer as god.
Certain orders of Freemasonry actually understand that not everybody is meant to be a Mason and they learn to respect Satanists and their stance on life- even though I've also seen very unusally naive Masons that try to sneak philosophy and ideology into peoples lives and befriend them just for that reason to induct them into a Masonic Temple.
To each his own, me personally I'm born and bred Left Handed and don't care to endorse certain practices of the Masonic Temple.
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