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#6026 - 03/20/08 07:52 PM Re: I could really use some feedback please [Re: rob_church]
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 Originally Posted By: rob_church
we can't diagnose you, we can't make the "demons" leave you alone, and i doubt anyone here can exorcise you.

look to the top post i totally exorcised her for a mere 5 dollars at that what a bargin:)
You did an excellent job too Rob. She said the demons told her "Its not over" LOL.

Reminds me of Robert Tilton. Have you ever seen this cracker? He use to come on late at night many years ago. He's like a preacher and he speaks in tongue; he sells these "Prayer Cloths" for love gifts of $1000 and promises these cloths will do everything from heal them to getting them out of debt, then he heals people and exorcises demons out of people thru the television screen, by having his watchers put their hands on the screen!
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#6028 - 03/20/08 08:01 PM Re: I could really use some feedback please [Re: LUCIFERIFIC]
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ha anyone that belives that junk deserves to be milked out of 1000 bucks no i have not seen him as i recently just got cable and have been enjoying the xian channel this one clown on their sells holy water lol funny stuff if you want a good laugh i reccomend it. sadley my wife does not find it as humours as i so when she is up we usally end up watching friends.

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