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#60576 - 10/29/11 03:05 PM Re: real satanism [Re: The Zebu]
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Personally I make no claims to superiority, Im just a dude that lives according to a certain sort of praxis.

My only issue is with those that would lay claim to that praxis without actually doing it.

#60581 - 10/29/11 04:25 PM Re: real satanism [Re: Octavian]
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 Originally Posted By: Octavian
The essence of the consciousness and actions of Satan is I-theism; I hold this position to be valid apriori..

It seems to me that if one seperates transgressive action from transgressive philosophy, one is in constant danger of ending up investing all bodily, emotional and mental energy into some ponzi scheme of mind games a web of abstractions devoid of any real potency.

This is, btw, the classic criticism of the right hand tantras from the perspective of the vamachara. There is nothing inherently or neccesarily wrong with symbolic reinterpretations, but without anchoring these in actual experience one empties the symbol of any real value, replacing it with speculative theology for the ego to find comfort in.

Point is: your definition of the Satanist as the prime mover of his own universe and the ultimate creator of his own values are valid so far as the I you are speaking of is bred through experience, power and self-overcoming.

Life is a crucible, and no abstraction or opinion or philosophical/memetical paradigm can replace the caustic alchemical laboratory of direct experience. This is why traditional societies employed dangerous rituals and tests: to reveal and create character. To breed nobility. In the ancient indo-aryan society, even a member of the highest caste was regarded as an empty office holder unless he had been thoroughly tested. This is why the left hand path stresses transgression of boundaries in the space of action as well as in the space of mind.

There is a tale about Gurdjieff that illustrates what the left hand path is about. When the Germans advanced on Paris during WW2, instead of fleeing the city, Gurdjieff was eager to make it there when the action begun. A puzzled refugee met him on the way, and noted that Gurdjieff was heading in the wrong direction.

Myself I can speak and write seven languages. I have lived both as a street criminal and a stock trader. I have experienced life as a mercenerary in the 90's war that ravaged the former republic of Yugoslavia. I have lived four years on nothing but scraps in Nepal. I have an education as a psychologist. I have fucked a girl from every continent except Antarctica! And I have blah blah blah

Yay, Im a special little snowflake! Im divine! A superhuman!

What is important is not to gain fabric to dress up your ego. In fact, I have often found the opposite to be true: gaining experience through transgressive action tends to undress the I. It undresses the constant mind games and constructs we tend to fence ourselves in, and it often humbles any notion of false supremacy and that special-as-a-snowflake elitist attitude so prevalent within elitist philosophies, as these are often concerned with encouraging grand and romantic images of the self.
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#60582 - 10/29/11 04:39 PM Re: real satanism [Re: Gattamelata]
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If your experience isn't precious to you then I don't care. If you do not draw the logical conclusion from the death of God then I don't care either.

I highly value my experience as it has made me who I am.

Many supermen or humans of great quality and power have achieved more than I have and many more will achieve more than me in the future. Such is life.

I gain from Satan something different than most it would seem. I start from a different departure pointthan most.

Thanks for the conversation.

#76733 - 05/28/13 03:22 PM Re: real satanism [Re: Dan_Dread]
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I've always considered the godhead in relation to the LHP to be states of being, in which 'you' are the source in which things emanate from. So in working towards becoming whatever it is you want to become, if you're not walking the talk then all those little failures emanate from you and your lack of action. The same is true for personal successes. It's a constant process which is why that 'becoming' is often referred to as The Great Work. Being active vs. passive in pursuing that 'divinity' for the lack of a better term you envision for yourself.

It's not so much as being some little special snowflake, but rather getting shit done.
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