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#60761 - 11/01/11 04:07 PM satanism is "chaotic neutral"
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HAHAHA , this might sound a tad nerdy but I play dnd and I couldnt help but to see many characteristics of Satanism coorealate with a dnd "allignment " of chaotic neutral , or prehapts , true Neutral ,in many ways . What do you guys think about that ? Is Satanism more "chaotic" or "true neutral" in out look ? The satanic "rules " and the satanic statements are kinda rules to follow but mostly they loop back to chaotic or a non evil but self serving neutral view on things . There is nothing nessessarily "clssicallY" evil about the satanic rules of the earth , at WORST they seem stoic or prehaps a tad DARK at times , but really nothing different than the average joe acts . Another thing , if all the satanists whent to the same place when they died , how would they all get along ?
#60774 - 11/01/11 05:15 PM Re: satanism is "chaotic neutral" [Re: bear]
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Oh,my fucking god, fucking christ on a fucking crutch shoved up his ass....

Satanism is about what you make of it.
Either you sit and do nothing but jerk off to your mental masturbations


You go out and DO Something.
You make your choices, you make the decisions, you take responsibility for your actions and the outcomes.

"if all the satanists whent to the same place when they died , how would they all get along ?"

When you die, you go into a hole in the ground and rot, unless you get cremated. That's it.

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Fuck em if they can't take a joke
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