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#60808 - 11/02/11 03:01 AM Stem Cell Cloning Method Patented
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 Originally Posted By: Oregon Health Sciences University
Back in 2007, Shoukhrat Mitalipov, Ph.D., a researcher at OHSUís Oregon National Primate Research Center, received international attention for developing a novel method for cloning stem cells. Dr. Mitalipovís method involved transplanting DNA from an individualís skin cells into an egg that could develop into various other cell typesóno embryonic stem cells needed. More recently, the U.S. Department of Commerce has issued a patent for Dr. Mitalipovís stem cell cloning method.

Why is the patent such exciting news for OHSU? In addition to offering safer and more effective treatment options for cardiac and neurological diseases, this patent has the potential to bring revenue to the university and the entire state of Oregon

I wonder how much this will do to ease the controversy surrounding stem cell research since it could make the need for embryonic stem cells obsolete. There will probably still be those who argue that using stem cells is "playing God" regardless of where the stem cells come from but at least they wont be able to tie it into their anti-choice campaign anymore.

This is some pretty amazing stuff in my opinion.

I quoted the entire story but if anyone is interested here is the link.

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#60810 - 11/02/11 03:10 AM Re: Stem Cell Cloning Method Patented [Re: 6Satan6Archist6]
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This looks very promising and, indeed, may neatly circumvent the ethical dilemma posed to (some) doctors and laypersons. While firmly pro-choice in the matter of abortion, I admit to being a little queasy about the idea of deliberately starting a potential human life purely to harvest bits of it and then destroy it, even that is for the greater good. There is a danger of bodies becoming just another commodity which sits uneasily with me. I have very mixed feelings about receiving donor organs and this new development may reduce the need for this.
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#60811 - 11/02/11 03:19 AM Re: Stem Cell Cloning Method Patented [Re: felixgarnet]
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Personally I doubt that those who might be against it for the aformentioned reasons would really be all that persuaded by this development. I mean there are people in Mississippi that are trying to grant "personhood" status at conception, so really if you ask me I think that the anti-choice croud is more influenced by belief and perceptions more than the scientific reality.

In fact if I'm not mistaken, which I admit I may be, the current stem cell research doesn't exactly involve creating new stem cells and the tests they do now involve "stem cells lines". The lines as I understand it are somewhat like clone cells but not as effective or some like that...

#61152 - 11/05/11 09:05 PM Re: Stem Cell Cloning Method Patented [Re: Meph9]
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Meph, just to clear this up a bit for you, the stem cell lines you're referring to are stem cells that are all ready delegated to specific areas of the body. Another words, when the line is started, the medical team keeps track to see what it designates to, like skin, hair, etc. Usually they can "persuade" the cells, if you will, and get them to develop in that direction without a formal body/person, although that doesn't mean that it always works that way when they pull the genome/cells. Sometimes they can carry incorrect mutations because they are all ready delegated (they are harvested from living people). Once the cells are delegated they can't be "persuade" to develop into other body parts, where "new cells (embryo cells)" can because at the very early stages (prior to 1 week gestation) the cells aren't fully designated yet. The best results are usually obtained in the first 3-5 days for cells that are new enough and open to medical direction/persuasion.

I'm not sure of the formalities in all of this, but this is how it was explained to me from doctors that are world renown in the study of CF medications, to include gene therapy.

This latest development opens up the possibility of pushing the cells to develop into exact matches to the needs of specific patients and never forming a blastocyst/zygote (what becomes a human fetus later in gestation). The cells don't even have to "piggy back" on a developing fetus to grow and develop. This gives great hope to treatments that could potentially change lives forever, even the older patients, much like my 21 year old son that has CF (Cystic Fibrosis). I suspect however that this latest discovery will end up taking years to actually make it on to the open medical market simply because the highest profitable market currently is medications that only treat the symptoms and not cure the problems. Between the FDA, the insurance companies, the Right, etc., it will be held back long after my son is gone.
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