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#61304 - 11/11/11 05:45 PM Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant!
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Young Women Nabbed In Bloody Satanic Sex Ritual

So you have knifeplay-gone-wrong with some knucklehead bimbos who happen to own a couple of occult books (none of which seemed to be actually Satanic), jazz up the reporting a bit, and BAM, you have yourself a devil-worshiping sex-murder cult.

I remember back in my day when kids could innocently solicit bloodletting sex from random strangers on the internet, and it was totally safe... what is this world coming to?

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#61305 - 11/11/11 06:38 PM Re: Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant! [Re: The Zebu]
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Well, from what I understand she/they didn't kill him.
Sounds like consensual rough sex getting out of hand.

Let be realistic, if they wanted to kill him, he would have been dead. After 300 stab wounds, they let him walk out. What the fuck? I mean how deep were they really? Shit it only took one to the ribs and 2 nails to kill Jesus.

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#61310 - 11/11/11 11:17 PM Re: Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant! [Re: Morgan]
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Rebecca actually looks kinda cute. Kids these days ...

It doesn't sound like anything to get too worked up about. If they had wanted to kill the guy, he'd be dead. How was it said .... "Stupid is as stupid does" ....?

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#61311 - 11/12/11 12:33 AM Re: Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant! [Re: Vondraco]
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There was another "Satanic" murder in South Africa a few weeks ago where a girl was set on fire in a supposed "Satanic ritual". That was all that was in the news and no evidence was given as to why exactly it's considered Satanic. A few people came up to me and asked me about it since I'm the town Satanist.
#61319 - 11/12/11 02:43 AM Re: Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant! [Re: The Zebu]
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LMAO! Of course it took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin... probably right down the street from Jeffrey Dahmer 's house...

They do all of the fun stuff there in cheeseland!
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#61334 - 11/12/11 04:59 PM Re: Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant! [Re: Wicked Satanist]
dust-e sheytoon Offline

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Ms. Chandler and Ms. Larrabee are attractive young women, and I'm certain there are men who cannot read this news story without a twinge of jealousy for the victim. If these women are imprisoned, surely they will receive letters of admiration from "suitors." Perhaps if the women had had the young man, who was of legal age to sign contracts, sign a statement that he was agreeing to rough sex or blood play and up to what point, then the situation would have clearly been consensual - yet might have been less likely to "get out of hand." Of course, there are dominants who prefer unwilling submissives, and would have no interest in what their subject wanted or did not want. It would be interesting to know what the true goal of this encounter was, from the standpoint of all involved.
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#61340 - 11/12/11 08:56 PM Re: Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant! [Re: The Zebu]
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Tough girls, evil femmes fatales to cut and slash the poor man so much that he found himself at the hospital! Horrible!

Did he forget his safe word?

But seriously, he must have been thoroughly insane to engage in a S/M sexual activity with total strangers met online. He was lucky that they did not castrate him.

There was once an incident in Poland, in 1999 with a group of devil worshippers actually committing a crime. Two young men, they were about 20 years old, stabbed their two friends, during some bizarre ritual in an old bunker at night. When they were caught they confessed that they sacrificed their friends to Satan so that they could get to hell. Nobody can be really sure how it all happened because facts were mixed with a bit of propaganda delivered by the media. However, the two corpses were real and the perpetrators got a life sentence.
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#61349 - 11/13/11 02:20 AM Re: Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant! [Re: Czereda]
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Not the least bit surprising, but I think this highlights that to most people "witchcraft" or "satanic/Satanism" are adjective for scary or bad. The are ignorant to the actually reality. So while there is a lot of over play on this story which is not even that gruesome the crimes committed by Abrahamic terrorists across the world go unmentioned.

Self professed muslim and christian warlords engage in all sorts of awful and tasteless crimes across Africa, hell Uganda I believe they recent passed a bill supported by fundamentalist xtian and muslim groups both in that country and the US that would put people alleged to be gay to death

that's the real "evil"

#76659 - 05/27/13 07:29 AM Re: Another "Satanic" Crime... time to get indignant! [Re: Meph9]
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People fascinated and driven by needs and lust to meet strangers over the internet. Sometimes the persons are ok or sane, other times one could be arriving into a trap. The article mentions "Satanic" related crime, one of the books found, THE NECROMANTIC RITUAL BOOK, is related with necromancy and dealing with the dead or death forces. Leilah Wendell and her past New Orleans, LA network has done her share to screen people, but no safeguards are ever enough. The teen male lived with some hefty battle scars, 300 wounds. The Left Hand Path can bring in dangerous fetishists as can some circles and persons into heavy sadomasochism.
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