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#61495 - 11/17/11 01:50 AM Light of Sex - The Satanism of Maria De Naglowska
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So browsing through the shelves of our local Wiccan boutique, I was both surprised and delighted to find the newly-translated "Light of Sex" by the enigmatic occultist Maria De Naglowska. I didn't know much about her or her doctrines, aside from that she was a self-described Satanist who started an esoteric society against the backdrop of the bustling art scene of 1920's Paris. She promoted what she called "Feminine Satanism", which acknowledged Satan as the herald of the Divine Woman, equated with the Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary as the "third term" of the Trinity. It is also rumored that she was the lover of Julius Evola during her time in Rome.

It was an innocuous-looking paperback resembling the average pulp on "sex magic" or neo-tantric nonsense, and when the middle-aged dreadlocked woman checking me out at the register expressed interest in the title, I casually (though not without some hidden relish) replied that it was a book about Satanism, and that the author practiced initiatory rites featuring autoerotic asphyxiation. The look on her face was priceless, since the store usually goes out of its way to keep anything remotely "left of center" off the shelves.

Overall, I must say it was a fascinating read, and had some interesting insights on hermetic initiation. Her ideas were remarkably nondualistic, positing that the Universe is inherently imperfect and that cosmic reconciliation was an illusion. Satanic Initiation, conversely, is a means of individual enlightenment.

Another interesting note is that De Naglowska taught that Satan is not an external being, but an aspect of the Self, representing human reason, and the quest to realize the unity of light and darkness. Satan is the force of Death that conversely perpetuates the force of Life (God), allowing the initiate to transcend the rationalism of the Satanic into direct experience of the nameless Divine.

Admittedly, her idealism seems to gotten the best of her at times. One sees the strong influence of Theosophy and the ceremonial fetishism of Freemasonry in some of her writings, and I cannot say with any certainty that she succeeded in ushering in the grand religion of the Third Term that she envisioned.

In sum, I recommend the work to those interested in early 20th-century esotericism, and especially as a unique example of pre-TSB Satanism.
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#61523 - 11/17/11 04:58 PM Re: Light of Sex - The Satanism of Maria De Naglowska [Re: The Zebu]
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Sounds like you found a rare diamond in the coal mine with that book. I might have to see if I can find a copy somewhere. Maybe I'll go down to the Wiccan shop on Main street and ask the girl that runs the place if she knows where I can get a copy. She's cute as hell. Wears low cut dresses and goes barefoot in the store. Very pretty feet. Even got a Tarot reading from her (she was way off but who cares) and have bought enough insense that will last me a life time.
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#61573 - 11/18/11 05:38 PM Re: Light of Sex - The Satanism of Maria De Naglowska [Re: Asmedious]
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Feminine Satanism, oh that is right up my alley. My personal conception of Satan has always been feminine in nature.

Thank you Zenith, I have to find this book.

#61575 - 11/18/11 06:23 PM Re: Light of Sex - The Satanism of Maria De Naglowska [Re: FemaleSatan]
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It's available on Amazon. Cost £15-£5 depending on whether new or old/condition. \:\)
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