The feint sages, soothsayers and mystics made a god that was incomprehensible, ineffable and unknowable. Language exists as a map and not the territory. Science alludes to the world through abstraction and demonstration and even the truths it reveals are in many ways impersonal.

It is then to say then with in respect to the apprehension of phenomenon nature is emptiness. To which in every current of nature one might identify there is a non-nature which correlates it.

Nature of Imputation- assignant of name, property, value, concept , definition, boundary etc.

Characteristic non nature- Exists as a phenomenal imputation and is without intrinsic correlative value.

Other Powered Nature- Entities caused and sustained by other things

Production non Nature- Totality of nature causing and effecting each maintaining a collective existence by way of natural law and activity.

Ultimate non nature- Entities which exist beyond the observer its objective nature.

Thoroughly established nature- Intimate existential association of value. i.e. beauty of a piece of art, possessions etc.

Ultimate non nature- Existential projections maintains as conceptual constants of identity.