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#61709 - 11/23/11 03:55 PM Xtians More Likely To Stiff Their Server
dust-e sheytoon Offline

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"A $10 bill is a joyful sight for a server. But when one waiter went to retrieve such a note out from under a diner's plate recently, he reportedly noticed something curious. The tip it provided wasn't monetary, but took the form of advice. "SOME THINGS ARE BETTER THAN MONEY," it said on the back, "like your eternal...

See full article from DailyFinance:
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#61711 - 11/23/11 04:10 PM Re: Xtians More Likely To Stiff Their Server [Re: dust-e sheytoon]
felixgarnet Offline
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HAHAHAHA! Bloody nerve! Well, next time the Christians come in he knows exactly what "little extras" to put in their food. All natural stuff created by God, of course. \:\)
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#61831 - 11/25/11 09:07 PM Re: Xtians More Likely To Stiff Their Server [Re: felixgarnet]
ta2zz Offline
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Gotta save that $10 for God and the church because they really need it. They do keep score of who gives the most after all.

EDIT: reading some of the comments this one stuck out: "How would it be to put the same tip in the collection plates?"

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#61983 - 11/28/11 09:24 PM Re: Xtians More Likely To Stiff Their Server [Re: ta2zz]
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Wow dont you just love it when people claim a religion for convenience sakes? Survey says if you are too broke to tip then you dont need to be dining out- at least do fast food.

I have actually heard from several sources who are people who worked in restaurants that xtian church crowds on Sundays are the rudest people, very inconsiderate and pushy- they most frequently send food back. They leave a bloody mess to clean up. And of course they tip little to nothing. Lets just say they created their own worse nightmare with their misunderstandings of the RFID and their conspiracy theories behind it- cant wait til the RFID starves them of their dignity, their counter productive pride will serve as suicide.
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