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#61754 - 11/24/11 06:38 AM Turkey Day
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Greetings All!

I wonder what exactly the members of the 600 club look forward to eating the MOST on Turkey Day?

I truely enjoy eating the leg. I have always loved the dark meat the most, and I really look forward to it. There is nothing like a huge plate of mashed potatoes, some mac & cheese, dinner rolls and a huge turkey leg covered in gravy... while watching a FOOTBALL game on TV.

Unfortunately I have to work tonight from 8pm to 7am for Black Friday because I still work in retail. I bought a little turkey dinner for my girlfriend and I to have, going to miss a home cooked meal this year.

What do YOU look forward to?
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#61756 - 11/24/11 07:28 AM Re: Turkey Day [Re: Wicked Satanist]
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I prefer dark meat as well. To be honest some of the nicest Thanks Giving dinner's that I have had was with people other then my family. Not because I don't like my family but because the conversations with people who are not family were more interesting and the atmosphere was more festive. This year it's just me and the girlfriend going out to Thanks Giving dinner at a fancy place. At the moment I'm still trying to get into the spirit of it all because it's early in the morning and I feel like I would much rather sit at home and do nothing.
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#61764 - 11/24/11 12:34 PM Re: Turkey Day [Re: Asmedious]
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I get to go to my in-laws who I actually get along with, compared to my own family. There will be friends and family in and out of the house all day and enough food to feed a small country. All of it will be home made. If I had to choose one food I like the most, I would have to say the cheese cake. The worse thing in the world to eat on a day like today (one small sliver has something like 290 to 350 calories and 1/2 of that is fat) but it's not like I'll eat it the rest of the year except once in a great while so I'll indulge in a slice with cherry topping.

Of course I'll enjoy the rest of the food too, so here's to hoping the rest of you find good times today and enjoy your turkey day, however you decide or must spend it! \:\)
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