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#61046 - 11/04/11 09:05 AM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: a. don]
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The weirdest thing I've ever eaten is actually warm English goats cheese, which was just utterly disgusting as it both smelled and tasted like vomit. Other than that, I love tørrfisk (dried fish) which for some reason tends to be seen as quite weird to people who are not familiar with it. It's really good, though. Cod's tongue is also really good, but perhaps a bit weird too.

I would however like to try the traditional Norwegian dish smalahove (sheep's head) and haggis. From what I hear, smalahove apparently tastes tastes like any other salty meat, but I think I'd be quite disgusted by the look of it.

#62026 - 11/29/11 07:11 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: Vinter]
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I would have to say the weirdest thing I have ever eaten was snake and squid. Snake I would have again, it had a very interesting taste. It did not taste like chicken like I had kept hearing. I'm not sure how to really describe it.

The squid was nasty. It was one of those things I wish I had never tried. Slimy and just... unless you like sushi, I would not recommend squid.
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#62028 - 11/29/11 07:35 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: DominusSatani]
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I have eaten a food that might not be very bizarre as much as very unique to the point that it can be called weird. Its African dish pounded yam. They bake it in the shape of a ball (white), and you dip your hand in a bowl of hot water and pull a piece of the pounded yam off the ball, its almost like uncooked dough to the touch. You then dip the pounded yam into a bowl of soup- usually fish, but not always. It actually tastes very good. Its the African version of chips and salsa.
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#62352 - 12/07/11 07:45 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: morgoth]
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Um can I post mine or should I keep it in the wraps? I've eaten more then dog, cat or emu! Actually I probably shouldn't! Dogs not bad though bugs etc. Military training you eat everything otherwise I've eaten other very odd things...

#62372 - 12/08/11 12:27 AM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: kvac]
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Should I say it...? Oh well, raw meat is probably among the oddest things I've eaten though I'm sure there's way weirder. It's called "tater" , this finely ground up red jelly, and its supposedly a Polish delicacy. I have it like twice a year.
#63249 - 01/02/12 10:02 AM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: morgoth]
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Hmmm… have an experience a bit similar to the original post by Fakepropht although it involved marinated mushrooms, not squid. It was, according to my hosts in Belarus, a vodka-snack. The marinade was transparent, slightly lemony and spicy and yellowish-brownish mushrooms were swimming inside it. In the mouth, these mushrooms proved wholly resistant to chewing. They were squishy to the point of dissolving, but never did. They were lined with long, tough strings of fibers that seemed un-cuttable. The stuff grew all the time in the mouth, and upon swallowing, it fought all the way down.

I spontaneously reached for the vodka.
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#63368 - 01/06/12 06:11 AM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: morgoth]
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Locus pie!It was acually good and i've eaten chocolate cover crickets before too.The shit that they put in our food eveyday would qualify?

I dont know if I would have the guts to eat Dog? They are dirty and our too usefull to be used as food.That is why the cow is good for.But if I was hungry enough no telling what I might eat to fight starvation.

#64007 - 01/23/12 12:09 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: seekswisdom]
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cat food .__.
yeah, I was watching my cat eat (the dry cat food stuff!) and it kinda looked good so I gave it a try... It was awful. I mean, how can he eat that?! But after I had washed the taste away I decided to try the wet food... which was even worse...
oh, and sometimes I eat horse food (the pellets or whatever) its kinda good... lots of vitamins and stuff..

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#64011 - 01/23/12 02:04 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: Alice.]
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I strongly believe in a healthy balanced diet too? So if you can whoof down all the minarals and vitamins our bodies need then, it doesn't matter how you take them in; All they need to do, is get to the stomach and your body will take care of the rest. The vitamins in the pet food has more nutrients in it then synthetich vitamins. I swallow a couple of cherry seeds and pineapple seeds once in a while to get nutrients and vitamins I normally would never get.

My brother dared me once to eat a bacon treat for dogs. It tastest like a rotten piece of rubberized dead meat, with alot of extra chemicals in the flavour. It had the texture of plastic and if some one paid me 100$ now! I still would never try dog or cat food again!; unless I was starving to death and it was my last source of food on the planet!!

#64889 - 02/25/12 03:28 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: fakepropht]
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Once, when I was a preteen, my friend/mentor came over for a sleepover camp-out in the backyard, and we decided to make "nature soup" out of plants growing in the backyard. We used honeysuckle, clovers, clover blossoms, dandelions, and these little sweet purple flowers. It might have turned out alright, except I put too many clovers in and made it terrible and bitter (not surprisingly, since I ruin everything I attempt to cook).

Oh, also, this isn't that strange, but I love raw oysters on the half shell (I eat them plain; no lemon or horseradish or anything). My personal record is 90 in one meal, and I'm planning to break that next month.

#65020 - 02/29/12 08:48 AM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: morgoth]
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Fried aligator. They were selling it at a fair. It wasnt bad...tasted similar to chicken. It was on a stick in little cubes like a kabob. Ive tryed rice with octopus in it too which I was not a fan of. The little suction cup things creeped me out.
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#82404 - 11/17/13 04:55 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: morgoth]
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Fried watermelon.
#82524 - 11/20/13 09:58 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: morgoth]

When I was younger I had eaten ants, spiders, dirt, mud and taken chunks out of my own skin just because I was bored so that is the weirdest things I have ever eaten.
#82533 - 11/21/13 11:33 AM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: ]
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heh... honestly? the weirdest thing I've ever eaten?


I used to eat sand. Dunno why; "pica"? Maybe... it's not as if I was malnourished or anything - I just liked the texture... I'd never consider it nowadays... taste buds change, I guess. Maybe I was just a weird kid ;\)

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#82540 - 11/21/13 02:57 PM Re: Weirdest Things You Have Eaten [Re: fakepropht]
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Grubs - they have a nutty taste.

Chocolate Covered Bumble Bees - reminded me of a Nestlé's Crunch.

Rattle Snake - Wasn't really like chicken, more like frog-legs

Frog Legs - pretty good if they're cooked right

Armadillo - Fried, it reminds me of a mix of pork/lamb

Shark - Gross, I was half-expecting it to taste like Swordfish, big disappointment. It was more fatty tasting and less like any sort of fish steak.

Squirrel - Gamey. I've had it grilled and rotisserie style. Maybe if it was boiled to tender the meat and seasoned it wouldn't take like a dish rag.

Fried Rocky Mountain Oysters - testicles. Pretty damn good, I've had Bull, Sheep and Goat.

Jellied Monkey Brains - I'm not sure what the jelly was made of, reminded me of that ASO Sauce they sell in Asian Food stores. The brains themselves were pretty good, it was the Jelly I wasn't too fond of.

Gator - It was like chicken with a strange after-taste. Wasn't really bad but the texture tricks your mind into 'Chicken' so you expect to taste it.

Ostrich - in a Burger it's not bad. Sort of reminds me of ground turkey meat. As a steak, it tastes gamey to me. Like rank beef, or bad meat.

Escargot - Snails. I favor the smaller version, the larger the snail the flavor changes. Garlic and ginger have the right flavor enhancement. It's pretty good if it's prepared and seasoned properly. The larger type it tastes like what you'd expect Snail to taste like. Gross.

Caviar - Fish eggs. I haven't tried a type I didn't like. I eat a lot of Sushi so it falls into that category for me. Some brands are better than others. I had some generic Baluga once, totally nasty.

I think that about covers it for weird food.
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