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#627 - 09/25/07 09:20 AM UK, as free as the STATE allows you to be.
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Just think what would have happened if he would have passively went with them. They would have made something up.

Read about this great Patriot and Vote!

#641 - 09/25/07 04:38 PM Re: UK, as free as the STATE allows you to be. [Re: MCSA TEK]
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I'm sure this is a lot more frequent than we know about, just because people do just "passively" go with them. Everybody needs to know their rights and use them. Police put their pants on the same way the rest of us do.
#656 - 09/25/07 09:41 PM Re: UK, as free as the STATE allows you to be. [Re: MCSA TEK]
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Once you begin to question authority where do you draw the line? Is it only correct when they walk away looking like two confused dolts? Or is it when you get held down by 4-6 men and tazed?

One can easily see the man in this video grabbed his camcorder to tape two police why? By his own confession "because he saw them harassing two kids"... One can say he was hoping to start trouble just as much or more as the kid at the Kerry speech... Just against police not presidential candidates...

One other difference is the guy in your video was at home and the kid at the Kerry speech was at a place of learning...

Tell me if this same thing here in your video happened in the U.S. anywhere on the east or west coast that the ending would have not been much different... Perhaps ending with a broken camera and/or a tazed subject dragged into the police car...

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