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#640 - 09/25/07 03:22 PM Australia, free beacuse they order you to be.
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Freedom eh?


It kind of looks like they control you.

Whats that? ...Oh, satanist! ...I see.

Yes,yes. You ARE your own boss. Of course you are.

....Constipated? ... Oh, Its your 'spooky face'.

Ah...I see.

...and the black nails....Very impressive..

My goodness, look at the time....

Ill leave you to meditate.


A bill introduced this week by Australia's Parliament would give the Australian federal police the power to control which sites can and cannot be viewed by Australian Web surfers.

Introduced on Thursday, the bill--titled the Communications Legislation Amendment (Crime or Terrorism Related Internet Content) Bill 2007--would empower the federal police to alter the "blacklist" of sites that are currently prohibited by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The list currently includes pornography and "offensive material." However, under the amendment, federal police would be able to add other sites to the list, including content that the AFP Commissioner "has reason to crime- or terrorism-related content."

The definition of material that may be liable for censorship includes Internet content that "encourages, incites or induces," "facilitate(s)" or "has, or is likely to have, the effect of facilitating" a crime.

Once such content has been identified by the AFP, Internet service providers may be responsible for blocking their users from accessing it.

According to the government, the legislation is designed to target phishing and terrorist sites, among other online criminal activity.

Read about this great Patriot and Vote!

#650 - 09/25/07 07:42 PM Re: Australia, free beacuse they order you to be. [Re: MCSA TEK]
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This is hardly surprising Chris, they have been taking away our freedoms for ages. Most of us are aware of it, but being the apathetic lot most Aussies are, I doubt that even this will wake up many.

I'm certainly interested in finding out just how different this taking of our freedom will be if Rudd becomes elected (which is looking very possible ATM).

Trouble is, you HAVE to vote in Australia and if you make a dummy vote, then it goes automatically to the party in power.

The Greens, whilst they have some very good policy, haven't quite got a good grasp on economic policy and until they do, the mainstream won't fully back them.

I'm not even sure that the Labour party really is that much different to the Liberals when it comes to freedom issues. All they ever talk about is Industrial Relations, Education and Health, which whilst being popular and important issues are still blocking the real biggies like, freedom, independance and corruption.

I can't say that I am that confident about where we are headed or think that I'm that clever I really know what to do about it.

Zephyr aka SA_TAN
Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass -
It's about learning to dance in the rain.

#882 - 10/04/07 11:05 AM Re: Australia, free beacuse they order you to be. [Re: ZephyrGirl]
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An interesting piece of news, and something that I would have expected to get a larger reaction here, given how it is in that topic of "That will never happen to us".

Once you start passing laws like this, it really raises the philosophical question about these issues.
What, exactly, is deemed "offensive" material?

Is my view on Australia following the U.S deemed offensive? Is this site, where we discuss all kinds of hot and unpopular topics?

Generally, I feel that once you start stepping along this road, it gets harder and harder to divert the course.
In a worst case scenario, could we be policed heavily? Any controversial idea banned?

I bet those poor kids at the universities might have a bit of trouble with their socialism rallies.

Zephyr is right about the apathetic nature of most Australians and what sort of future that holds.

Even I, who hates meddling in the often murky world of politics, am insulted by this proposed bill. You can bet that I won't stand for such actions.

Problem is, how many will stand as well.

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