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#6471 - 03/27/08 12:44 PM USW Abandoning Dofasco Drive for the Moment.
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I am a member and supporter of the USW and see no reason why common workers would fight unionization considering the global situation. I have neither seen nor heard any convincing arguments to change my point of view or at least make me think a little, hope you can give some ideas that do.
#6488 - 03/27/08 05:11 PM Re: USW Abandoning Dofasco Drive for the Moment. [Re: Cody]
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Hi Cody.

I don’t know what USW stands for, but from your post, I am assuming it is some kind of a union organization.

To answer your question; for many years I was against the idea of unions. I believed, and still do in many cases, that basically, they outsourced themselves, by making such high demands of employers, regarding pay and benefits, that they were part of the reason that many companies went over seas, because employers could not afford the financial demands of some unions.

However, working in the health field, I have changed my views to some degree. Personally, I have been royally screwed over by employers a time or two, in a way that my character and work record suffered. Although I believe that I was completely innocent, and treated unfairly, I did not have any legal recourse, according to several attorneys that I talked to, because my state (NY) is an “at will” or something like that state, regarding employment laws. Which basically means, that they do not have to give a person ANY reason for termination.

So, although verbally I was given reasons for having my employment terminated, which were all lies and based on office politics, the written notice stated only “Your employment is hereby terminated for the reason of poor job performance.”
What really sucked was that I busted my ass, gave about twenty hours a week of my personal time to get the companies affairs, pertaining to health care, in order, to the point that when state inspectors came to the facility, they were impressed at the progress that ‘the company’ was making. I truly believe, that if it wasn’t for my efforts, the facility would have been shut down, at least temporarily, do to medical mismanagement.
The reason that I was fired, was because one of the assistant supervisors, and her lunch buddy, who was her supervisor, felt that I did not respect their authority. This part was true, but only because they were part of the reason that the medical part of the place was so fucked up.
I was hired to do a job; I did it; but I didn’t play office politics and ass kissing.

Now, I am working in an area, which is represented by a union. Although it is not a very strong union, when it comes to bargaining, it does have a considerable role in keeping “management” in check.

The bad part about it, is that many employees who take advantage of certain benefits, such as “Emergency Family Leave,” cannot be dismissed for it, even if everyone knows that they are just taking a vacation break, which can last months. This places a great strain on the employees who do not abuse the system, but have to cover for the ones that do.
However, I will take this any day, over being exposed and vulnerable to the whims of some managers, who’s only qualifications to manage, is that they took a written test proving that they have some knowledge of policy, spelled their names correctly, and are buddy buddies with some other back stabbing, low life who most likely fucked their way (literally) into the position.
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