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#117413 - 11/12/18 11:12 PM Re: Dethroning Satan? [Re: Devil liviD]
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This isn't a response to any individual but to the theme of the thread... by someone who came in on the 11th hour... But what stands out to me is the very idea of dethroning something could only come after one had throned it. In which case I would ask why one chose to throne it in the first place?

What service did it originally serve and what has since changed? Or how have you since grown? And I imagine this could be different for everyone. There are no rights or wrongs - just personal truths...

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Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

#117429 - 11/14/18 07:33 PM Re: Dethroning Satan? [Re: ShadowLover]
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Going back to the very first message in this thread. I'm not sure what you mean by Satanism going into decline. Satanists, or true satanists are supposed to be the elite few.
The lack of interest in Satanism? The same as the lack of interest in self development. Everyone out there is glued to a mobile phone. No one gives a cunting fuck what is going on around them.
Are these the type of wankers we want to be talking to? No!
Keep the numbers tight. Quality over quantity.
Who cares if people drift away from Satanism? They weren't legit anyway! You can't decide not to be a satanist if you truly were in the first place. You either are or you're not.
Satanism isn't a numbers thing. It should never be. One rancid apple can turn the rest.

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