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#9755 - 06/22/08 03:57 PM Re: What Exactly Is Satanism To You? [Re: PigFeeder]
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Thanks man, Yes, I do live in Alabama.No, I was not born here.I do try to spell things correctly.I'll check my posts more closely before I send them.Don't mean to waste your time.This fucking key pad is broken,This is some of the reasions for mispelt words.The other reasion is I was stupied and quit the 8th grade.I will do better on my next post.
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#9758 - 06/22/08 06:11 PM Re: What Exactly Is Satanism To You? [Re: 999]
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You know there are other people on here who can't spell properly either but are quick to point out other's mistakes. I'd say 'you know who you are' but I'm not sure they do.

This is completely off topic and I apologise for that but we have a few cases of pots insulting kettles going on.

#9804 - 06/26/08 10:33 AM Re: What Exactly Is Satanism To You? [Re: psiren]
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Like whom I must ask? I don't see too many people who can't spell pointing out other people's mistakes.. I know of one although..

999, I must say, some of your posts are looking a bit better. I understand your keypad being broken and you dropping out has detrimental effects on your spelling and grammar here, but perhaps try a spell check? The easiest thing I can suggest is download firefox, it has an automatic spell checker for you. No work needed.

Look into it friend, it will help you.

Also Psiren, if you are posting that here, you must be reffering to me? As I see it, my spelling is pretty damn good. If it's me the problem, don't be shy to point it out... If not than fine, but then that means this post is completely irrelevant in accordance to this topic. I would ask, even though your apology is well recieved to stay on topic according to threads or post.

Thank you,

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#9811 - 06/26/08 09:08 PM Re: What Exactly Is Satanism To You? [Re: PigFeeder]
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Jesus Fucking Christ, ENOUGH with this goddamn spelling bullshit. I'm locking this thread.
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