This is where we see if LaVeyan philosophy holds up... or if its just hypocritical lip service to the ego. This video is about Tibet protesting for freedom from China. Clearly one party involved is mightier than the other - China; Tibet being the weaker one. Do the Tibetans deserve to be treated brutally and viciously without mercy by China for being a weak people? Or do they deserve Freedom, like all humans do from tyranny and oppression? Do they deserve to be free to be their own nation? I'd have to go along with ONA "tradition" and support the Tibetans. This could weaken China from inside out. I would spread propaganda within Tibet to bring more people to fight for their freedom... to get rid of China. What's your opinion? I actually found one video of Tibetans dead an mutilated on the streets, but didn't share it here because it was too bloody. I'll make the question easy, chose one as a Satanist:

A - The Tibetans are weak and worthless and deserve to die under the Chinesse.

B - All humans, even Tibetans deserve Liberty; I support Tibet.


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