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#7579 - 04/12/08 09:16 PM Washington, DC the gateway to hell
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In the 2007 New York Times bestseller "The Book of Fate," a central character named Nico Hadrian advances the demonic Pentagram theory of Washington's street layout and describes the White House as the doorway to Hell itself. Author Brad Meltzer said he designed Hadrian, a crazed killer who shoots his way out of a mental hospital, to be a "walking Internet" of various beliefs about Freemasons, among the "great bogeymen of history." And "The Da Vinci Code" author Dan Brown, according to his Web site, is at work on a novel that "explores the hidden history of our nation's capital," as "set deep within . . . the enigmatic brotherhood of the Masons."

Other satanic hot spots cited by believers include the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument. The latter was described by Bay, the South Carolina author, as a filthy, phallic and satanic homage to the god Baal.

Unlikely, said an avowed Satanist from Laurel.

Read the full article [url= ]here[/url]

Is the satanist anyone we know?

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#7580 - 04/12/08 10:05 PM Re: Washington, DC the gateway to hell [Re: fakepropht]
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What a coincidence! I just got done writing a post about Freemasonry (TIME in the Occult forum)? Freemasonry is very fascinating. DC is likewise fascinating. They lined up certain streets and monuments to the star Spica in DC. Spica is the flower that the constellation Virgo holds in her hand. I don't know why.

I saw that book, but I never picked it up. I judged it on its cover picture. I guess I'm going to the bookstore sunday to buy it now. I know there are lot and lots of Masonic symbolism in DC... but at the same time we see what we want to see; meaning these authors sees what they want to see.

But here's something: The Statue of Liberty was built by the Masonic Grand Orient of France as a gift to America:

She looks a lot like Mithras with his crown of Lights:

And the torch she holds in her hand? Looks like the torch Mithras holds up also:

The story goes the Christianity during it infancy went amok and sluaghtered the cult of Mithras; burning down its temples; and erecting their Churches on top of these sites. The Vatican Now site on top of a site where a Grand Temple of Mithras once sat... it just funny that there appears to be a giant statue of Mithras in a place where immigrants enter frequently... as if to remind a group of people something...

The Statue of Liberty's 7 rays of light Enlightening the world looks a lot like this:

It's the Buddha in his state of Illumination. The 7 headed Naga is Kundalini; said to "grow" a new head after each chakra she passes - symbolizing more thinking - or Enlightenment.


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#7746 - 04/15/08 08:11 AM Re: Washington, DC the gateway to hell [Re: LUCIFERIFIC]
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It is only with the recent emergence of mass production techniques and cost cutting that we ever did create buildings and landscapes without covering them in homogenous cultural references. We found the idea of informationless architecture so revolutionary we even gave the architectual idea names such as Bauhaus style.

Sacred geometry no doubt abounds in your neighourhood. You'd be surprised, but don't expect to be made any wiser than your ancestors.

I would recommend "From Hell" by Alan Moore and "Holy Blood, holy grail" by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln to get more information on a budget about the topic.

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