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#7862 - 04/17/08 06:10 AM Re: fear [Re: Ringmaster]
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Ok, First off the fear topic. It's true that fear is a defence mechanism. The fear of heights, for instance, saves you from falling to an early death. And sure you know that that little spider in your sink is harmless, but it just as well might have been a poisonous spider. Fear, like pain, is indeed a very pesky emotion (or sensation if you will). But whitout it, your life would be over before you know it.

As for the Burzum, Varg Vikernes kind of 'satanists', I think it is a very bad cause that these people are burning churches and kiling people in name of Satan.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the sight of a burning church just as much as the next guy. But when one burns a church to the ground, and that person claims to be a satanist, he just prooves the so called arguments of the right-hand-path. So when a person hears that I am a satanist, and he or she heard of the 'incident' with Varg, he will asume that I too burn churches and kill people. So my opinion is that if you want to burn down a church (or anything for that matter) don't say you did it because your a satanist, just say you did it because your insane. (the prosecutors won't see a difference between the two anyway.)

And as for the handicaped baby? I'd remove it and try again. You will only make your own life more difficult if you keep it, and you will raise a child that will never be fully accepted by society.
Calling atheism a religion
Is like calling bald a hair colour.

#73310 - 11/29/12 11:58 PM Re: fear [Re: Ringmaster]
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I recently watched a documentary, the name escapes me, perhaps "The Science of Dying", where several respected scientists discuss the limits of the human body, the human mind, and what chemically occurs during death. By the time I had researched some of the facts presented and was assured that I wasn't just being swept up in propaganda, I felt a great relief. I was no longer afraid of death. That, friends, was and is very empowering.
That said, I do greatly fear loss, and I fear pain. Although fleeting, pain does in fact, hurt like a bitch, so I will flinch when someone swings at me, and my stomach will flutter when a semi-truck passes a bit close, and if I hear tires squeal, my fight or flight kicks in.
My dominate fear, aside from irrational fears which I feel are born from childhood, is loss.Specifically the loss of my family and close friends. To date one of the worst times in my life was a walk to take my dog to be put down.
Just tossin that one out there.

#82737 - 11/29/13 07:58 AM Re: fear [Re: Ringmaster]

My biggest fear is falling to my death yet I don't have a fear of heights nor a fear of death yet I hate being where I can die by falling, That sounds corny but it's true. Anyway I guess it came from being dropped down a stair case when I was Really young I can still remember it though clear as day.
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