Just the other morning I tuned into AM 580 WIBW to listen to my favorite talk radio/TV host Glenn Beck.

Him and the producer Stew, went off on the subject of a very interesting phenomena known as [PopCorn Lung].

PopCorn Lung better known as [Bronchiolitis Obliterans] OR simply [Constrictive bronchiolitis] is a rare disease of the lungs in which the bronchioles are plugged with granulation tissue. It is a rare and life-threatening form of fixed obstructive lung disease.

It is given the humorous title [PopCorn Lung] because workers at plants that use or manufacture flavorings, (e.g. diacetyl) have came down with bronchiolitis obliterans.

Others who are at risk:

  • Nylon-flock workers
  • Workers who spray prints onto textiles with polyamide-amine dyes.
  • Battery workers who are exposed to thionyl chloride fumes.

And more.

The point is, is that this is a rare condition and there is no need for people to panic.

Now, Senator Edward Kennedy and Senator Murray have sent a letter to the CDC, the FDA, and the Department of Labor asking them "to examine immediately the risks of consumer exposure to diacetyl, and the safety of proposed substitutes for this flavoring."

I see their intentions here are good at the core, I do folks but I mean come on ... really.

I am all for safe working regulations because I myself am a worker. I don't want to go to work everyday wondering if I am going to make it out alive or die from exposer to "whatever" 30 years after the fact.

But there are more important issues out there to pass bills on than [PopCorn Lung].

If you really look at the big picture it doesn't matter if this bill is passed. Companies are about money and it would prove to be much too costly to ignore the risk of workers in terms of lawsuits. They also won't be using diacetyl much longer "NOW" because it makes having a bag of popcorn sound like having a pack of non-filtered cigarettes.

So this "bill" appears to be another opportunity for politicians to make it look like they're doing something important when it is really just a meaningless gesture.

Look, the way I figure it is diacetyl IS a job hazard.

It's part of the job.

What is the job hazard of a police officer? Getting shot, right?

Fireman? Fire, right?

What does a cop do? They wear Kevlar ... What does a

Fireman do? They wear Nomex.

And still … Cops get shot, Firemen get burned and sometimes unfortunately they still die.

Yes .. it's part of their job.

Just like diacetyl is part of a PopCorn workers job.

If companies provided their workers with the proper equipment (MASK's) then Constrictive bronchiolitis would be reduced by a huge amount.

In fact there would probably be no more cases involving PopCorn workers.

As far as consumers goes, that is called "moderation" if you eat so much PopCorn that it gives you PCL, then you have a serious problem and were probably on your way to triple bypass surgery in the first place.

A $12 dollar mask and moderation can save everyone a lot of trouble and nonsense.

Calm down, relax and start thinking people.

What's next, a ban on PopCorn?

Is Woody Harrelson going to get arrested if he symbolically plants popcorn kernels?

I guess we all should sit tight in anticipation of new Truth.com commercials featuring popcorn.

I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to getting carded when I buy popcorn.

Are we going to drive to the nearest grocery store one day and pick up a box of Orval Redenbacher just to see:


Consuming this product causes Heart Disease, Emphysema,

PopCorn Lung, And May Complicate Pregnancy???

Relax, people ... relax.

Breath in "The Grass Is Green" Breath out "The Sun Is Warm"

We've got Ahmadinejad this close to having his hands on a nuclear bomb and fiending for the Mahdi. And Hilary Clinton is running for the presidency of the United States.

PopCorn Lung is the least of our worries.

At least, it should be.
-- §ignature