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#7916 - 04/18/08 03:59 PM Chaos...... a copy?
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I have read about the four great powers of chaos. It is a belief used in a fantasy game, but acctually exists in the real world. The four powers are the 4 demon-gods: Nurgle, lord of decay. Khorne, lord of anger and violence. Slaanesh, lord of pleasure and delight. And last but not least, Tzeenth, lord of lies.
Ech of theese four demons stands for different basic feeling of mankind. But I think it reminds me so much of Satanism I could call it a copy. Khorne symbolises anger and rage, which focuses on man's need to self-preservation. Nurgle symbolises decay, which focuses on the despair and loneliness. Slaanesh symbolises lust and desire, and focuses on man's urge to feel delight, and the urge to enjoyment, not to mention the desire of the flesh. Tzeenth symbolises power, and the lies and trechery people often use to gain it. It is the sign for man's desperate crawing for power, no matter the cost.
This beliefe is awfully familiar with Satanism, it seems it has some of the same believes of basic Satanism, but at the same time it lack some of them to. Any comment to this?
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#7979 - 04/19/08 12:17 PM Re: Chaos...... a copy? [Re: Simon]
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As above, so below.

If you simplify human emotions and other qualities we do come to a point where there are several standards. I don't think the Warhammer universe is especially perceptive for having made four gods in its fictional setting. Think about the fact that there are roughly four directions in which one is always aware (ahead, behind, to the left and right) and so on. it is a natural part of the human cognitive process to reduce in complexity, sort into lists of importance and to generalise.

Here's an exercise. The number 314. I'd like you to become aware of the power of the number 314. It's certainly everywhere and it does have no little power and significance. I'm very certain that you're going to see it everywhere soon.

#8033 - 04/20/08 09:42 PM Re: Chaos...... a copy? [Re: Simon]
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In all honesty, I think GW did actually gain inspiration from TSB and Lovecraftian elements, especially with names in the Chaos army of Warhammer 40k.

One of the characters, for example, is called Typhus, but was originally called Typhon. Typhon is the name of one of the devils listed in TSB. Abaddon the Despoiler seems to have been named after the devil, Abaddon the Destroyer.

I think GW have done their research and have added a slight fantasy twist to it all.

So no, t isn't a copy. Just inspired by different elements of the real world and it's mythos.
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