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#108678 - 09/14/16 12:21 PM Re: Fetishes [Re: Naama]
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 Originally Posted By: Naama
if the person is intelligent and creative - he usually has quite complicated and rich sexual life

So it's because of my smarts that I physically abuse transvestites and look at disturbing porn on the computer \:D \:D \:D

#116773 - 08/16/18 07:34 PM Re: Fetishes [Re: Daemon]
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Iíve garnered quite a long list of unconvential fetishes over the years. Iím into urophilia, especially omorashi, and I have a love/hate relationship with scat. I also like voyerurism, exhibitionism, blondes, semen, and masturbation. And thatís only the start of the list! Although some of my fetishes originate from porn, several come from experience

Itís interesting to see the wide range of fetishes on here. People have such different tastes...

#116799 - 08/19/18 08:27 PM Re: Fetishes [Re: spacequark126]
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Fuck! I'm in the wrong site. I only wish for a girl with big boobs who would occasionally give me head.
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#116836 - 08/22/18 04:38 AM Re: Fetishes [Re: Stag]
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I am here!!!!!
#116939 - 09/01/18 12:18 AM Re: Fetishes [Re: DamenLucifer]
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Ooh, what a fun thread. I'm going to enjoy this site!

So, for me, one of my biggest fetishes is hair. If a man I'm attracted to has hairy pits, hairy chest, hairy belly, hairy ass, or hairy legs, and shows me any of those things I'm a total pig. Ever heard of Tyler Hoechlin? Plays a werewolf in that idiotic show Teen Wolf. Picture him and you've got what I'm talking about.

Large penises are definitely at the top of my list. Also, foreskin. There is nothing sexier than a hung dude with foreskin. Not sure if they count as fetishes, but there they are anyway.

I love to be bitten, especially when my sexual partner climaxes. A well timed bite, and a growl when he cums is super sexy. This also probably explains my attraction to vampires and werewolves. Thought they were sexy since I was a teen!

I'm sure I'll think of more, but that's it for now.
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