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#8079 - 04/22/08 01:00 AM Boys To Men
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I really like stuff like this. It seems like every old culture has some sort of rite of passage and initiation ceremony. It's nearly universal. This one, so far is the most painful I have seen yet. Something the Chief of the tribe says in the end really got to me. It was a quick statement, but there is a profound bit of wisdom in it.

Do we, in the high tech western world, have our own rites of passage, or have we lost them all?


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#8084 - 04/22/08 10:17 AM Re: Boys To Men [Re: LUCIFERIFIC]
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In the south, here in the USA, many young men are expected to enlist in the military when they come of age. Their families expect that they will enlist in whichever branch of the military that their family members have always served under. Boot Camp becomes their rite of passage. Other than that, there is no particular "rite of passage" that a young man must endure.
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#8099 - 04/22/08 05:51 PM Re: Boys To Men [Re: LUCIFERIFIC]
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 Originally Posted By: LUCIFERIFIC
Do we, in the high tech western world, have our own rites of passage, or have we lost them all?

Various religions have their own rites (such as Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Judaism), although there are plenty of modern secular examples of things which represent becoming an adult.

Passing one's driving test, and getting a license and first car, is almost a rite of passage in many Western countries.
Also of course leaving home, graduating from school/college, starting one's career path...

Marriage and kids are more of an option nowadays than a rite of passage.

And for many lads, getting drunk and having sex for the first time are seen as rites of passage.

#8131 - 04/23/08 08:08 PM Re: Boys To Men [Re: Meq]
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^ I don't believe it's just the "lads" who are concerned with having sex: losing one's virginity is essentially seen as THE major rite of passage for the mainstream teenager- male or female in the United States.
#8137 - 04/24/08 12:07 AM Re: Boys To Men [Re: LUCIFERIFIC]
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Except for a few examples, the rites of manhood/womanhood, can be seen in the native american people, like when they go through their first sweat lodge, go on there first hunt, to speak at the council fire, and the women being taught the stories of the tribe, learning herbs,bead work. etc. of course each tribe has different rites. So to me it seems the tribal people hang on to theirs rites. other wise in this country only celtic familys who are close to their culture would have a few rites.


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