Its one thing for us to be born and raised in the secure walls of our safe cities and neatly manufactured reality. Most of the time the television set is our only window to 'reality'. Other times our actual windows of our homes serves as windows into what was once real; but all you see now are some trees, cars, and other houses.

In such a condition we 'urbanites' are very removed from the natural world. And having been conditioned by our urbanite society all our lives - from birth; we are also very removed from "Human Nature." We can sit here and talk, philosophize, ponder, as domesticated urbanite humans all we want about Nature, the Human Animal, and how Satanism is all based on these... but its another thing to SEE it.

This video is gruesome. If you have a weak stomach, don't watch it. It's about child soldiers, diamonds, and the barbaric nature of the human animal. This is Man:

We domesticated humans, who go around proudly tooting our "Satanic" label, our badge of Elite Human Animalism, and our Might Is Right stuff, would probably be the first to die in such a situation; when faced with those who are more "real" than us. This helps puts things in perspective. We are pretending and make believing to be something we aren't. We're domesticated; we're safe... whatever label we use... Christian or Satanist. We wouldn't know raw human nature if it pointed a ak-47 in our face. Like a group of antisocial cattle living on a giant farm, thinking make believing we were free and natural; when we are all domesticated; and we all end up in the same place - on someone plate.


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